Yemen News Agency ( SABA)

Al-Wassat, Aug.24,2005.

Al-Wassat, Aug.24,2005.


The independent weekly, Al-Wassat, its political editor commented on the corruption. He stated that for the first time in the modern history of Yemen the regime and authority have come to consensus on the overwhelmingly increasing of corruption within the states bodies and institutions.

The writer added that the political leadership in Yemen used to defend the government against the opposition criticism but these days the president of the republic himself joined the opposition critics in putting blame on the government for its failure in addressing the imbalances and fighting corruption.

The writer concluded his comment saying over the recent weeks, the president of the republic Ali Abdullah Saleh had chaired several meetings with the high rank government officials. During these meetings HE severely criticized the poor performance of the government in eradicating corruption and warned that he would authorize the press to unveil the corrupt officials.


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