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 Parliament Speaker sends letter to UN Secretary-General

Parliament Speaker sends letter to UN Secretary-General


SANAA, Oct. 6 (Saba) - Speaker of Yemeni Parliament, Yahya al-Ra'i, on Saturday sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, to brief him on the crimes of Saudi-led aggression coalition in Yemen.

In the letter, al-Ra'I said that the silence of the international community has encouraged the coalition aggression states to commit massacres and genocide by using lethal and internationally banned weapons in Yemen, as well as imposing an unjust all-out blockade on the country.

He pointed out that the aggression coalition has systematically targeted infrastructure and everything related to foodstuffs, medicines and fuel and their access to citizens, which contributed to the breakout of epidemics and diseases.

The letter touched on the deteriorating economic situation, including the decline of Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies as a result of printing hundreds of billions of currency without insurance by the exiled Hadi's government.

In his letter, al-Ra'i called on the United Nations and the Security Council to bear their responsibility towards the horrible crimes committed against the Yemeni people, demanding a quick move to pressure the aggression countries to stop the war.

The letter noted that Saudi Arabia' intentions to occupy Yemen have become apparent in Mahra province, which is far from the areas of conflict, and there is no justification for the presence of Saudi forces there, just as the UAE occupies Socotra Island and other Yemeni southern and eastern provinces.



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