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Eight mass marches in Dhamar, confirming Yemeni position stability in supporting of Gaza
[12 July 2024]
Hajjah Women gather in 16 squares under title: “Standing with Gaza... We will confront America & involved with it
[12 July 2024]
Taiz: Mass crowds in ten squares in solidarity with Palestinians & in supporting Gaza
[12 July 2024]
Massive marches under slogan "Standing with Gaza... We will confront America & involved with it"
[12 July 2024]
Sa'ada: 22 major marches confirming steadfastness with Gaza, readiness to confront America & its tools
[12 July 2024]
Iravani: Iran's policy towards Yemen crisis is transparent, stable. US accusations are baseless
[12 July 2024]
Zionist enemy forces storm village of Al-Mughayyir in West Bank
[12 July 2024]
Russian defense: Ukraine lost more than 14,000 soldiers in a week
[12 July 2024]
Qaani: Supporting resistance, Palestine is Iran strategic policy
[12 July 2024]
Gaza Civil Defense: We found charred bodies, houses completely burned in industrial area, Tal Al-Hawa
[12 July 2024]
The economic escalation by Saudi Arabia, its mercenaries is an attempt to undermine the state of stability in the free provinces
[11 July 2024]
Leader of revolution defines features of next phase of radical changes in government, state institutions
[09 July 2024]
Hajjah Works...advanced steps in developing performance
[09 July 2024]
Al-Jumhuri Hospital Authority in Hajjah... persistent efforts to improve medical services
[09 July 2024]
Economic battle & reciprocity
[08 July 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Air defenses down American plane in Marib
[17 May 2024]
Sa'ada Saudi enemy forces target citizen's house in Baqim
[28 April 2024]
Health Ministry condemns aggression mercenaries' crime in Taiz
[27 April 2024]
Three women & two girls killed in drone strike belonging to aggression’s mercenaries in Taiz
[27 April 2024]
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
Massive festivals in 16 squares in Sa'ada to commemorate Guardianship Day
Massive festivals in 16 squares in Sa'ada to commemorate Guardianship Day
Massive festivals in 16 squares in Sa'ada to commemorate Guardianship Day
[Mon, 24 Jun 2024 19:46:09 +0300]

SA'ADA June 24. 2024 (Saba) - The people of Sa'ada Procince commemorated Guardianship Day with the presence of a crowd in 16 squares in the various directorates of the peovince, in the presence of many state leaders.

The people of the province went out in Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif Square in the center of the province, the Square of the Martyr Commander in Khawlan Amer, and various squares in the districts of al-Zahir, Bani Bahr, Munabeh, Baqim, Qatabr, Razih, Kataf, Al Salem, al-Hashwah, Ghamr, Minh, Shadda, and Majz, declaring loyalty to God, His Messenger, and Imam Ali, and complete rejection of the Jewish guardianship that the enemies seek to impose establishing it in societies and peoples.

In the central square of the peovince center, member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, confirmed that it is not possible to accept the American guardianship, nor its tyranny and dictates.

He said, "Our response and guardianship to Imam Ali, peace be upon him, is a requirement of our obedience to the Great Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers , peace be upon him , his family, a response to him, and we cannot deviate from this guardianship."

At the central event, which was attended by Governor Muhammad Jaber Awad, military, security and academic leaders, and scholarly figures, the speech of the occasion, delivered by the Governor’s Undersecretary, Abdullah Al-Munbahi, touched on the occasion of Al-Ghadir and how to inform the Messenger, may God’s prayers , peace be upon him and his family, about this matter due to its importance in religion.

He pointed out that the principle of guardianship in Islam is great, fundamental and important, so the tyrants fought it to separate the nation from this principle.

Al-Munbahi pointed out that divine guardianship constitutes a guarantee and a rescue for the nation so that it is not enslaved by the tyrant and its tools. He pointed out that the principle of guardianship protects the nation from the control of America and the tyrants of the age, and one of the reasons for normalization is to move away from this principle and disavow it.

He stressed that the Yemeni people had the honor of being distinguished in their support for the oppressed Palestinian people as a result of their return to adherence to the principle of guardianship, indicating that the position of the axis of jihad and resistance on supporting the Palestinian cause reflects the importance of the principle of guardianship and sincere guardianship.


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