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Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea
Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea
Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea

SANA'A November 28. 2023 (Saba) - The Yemeni military operation in the Red Sea, by seizing a Zionist ship and taking it to the coast of Yemen, sparked widespread Arab and international echoes and positions, most of which expressed overwhelming happiness for this operation as an important event for stopping the Zionist-American Holocaust in Gaza, which claimed the lives of thousands of martyrs and wounded innocent civilians. .

From the first moments of the operation to seize the Zionist ship (Galaxy Leader) carried out by the Yemeni naval forces, in the Red Sea, which belongs to the Zionist businessman Rami Unger, social networking sites were ablaze with the positions of activists, writers, and politicians, locally and abroad, and their support for this operation, which touched upon the aspirations of the Yemeni people in particular and the Arab peoples in general.

Most of the activists expressed their positions in support of the Yemeni operation, calling on the Arab and Muslim peoples and regimes to hasten similar steps against the usurping Zionist enemy in order to stop its barbaric aggression against the Gaza Strip.

To this day, echoes and positions supporting, approving and praising this process are still being heard, whether in the Arab and international media or on social media sites.

In this context, lawyer and former representative in the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Dr. Abdul Hamid Abbas Dashti, in his blog post, praised the operation and praised the Sanaa forces, and at the same time mocked the Zionist enemy entity and its weakness...pointing out that it was the labor of some Arabs that made this entity gain power over them. .

Dashti described the people of Yemen as the pride, pillar, and bravest of the nation... saying: “May God’s peace be upon you, people of Yemen, you are the purest and bravest of the Arabs. You are the pride and pillar of the nation, and the spirit that emerged with Arabism after its death.”

For his part, the head of the Gulf Council for Democracy and Human Rights, Yahya Al-Hadid, commented on the operation: “Yemen put the world between two options: either stopping the genocide in Gaza or the flood of Bab al-Mandab.” Pointing out at the same time that there are positions that will condemn Yemen because it violated the international law of the sea, while they forgot international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians.

In turn, journalist Abdul Bari Atwan wrote, in his blog post on the “X” platform, saying: “If the Yemeni says he does, today he seizes an occupation ship, tomorrow an American military frigate, and the day after tomorrow he may carry out his threats to close Bab al-Mandab.” He added: “It is the time of men, and I bear witness to God that they are men, and Palestine is always in the depths of their hearts and consciences.”

For his part, the Ambassador of Peace and member of the United Nations, Sameh Askar, wrote on his page on the “X” platform details about the Zionist ship “Galaxy Leader”... saying: “Its tonnage is 48 thousand tons, its length is 149 meters, and it is intended for transporting vehicles, and it has a crew of dozens of people.” ".

He stressed that "with this operation, the world is facing a dangerous and pivotal event that will upset trade lines and threaten international shipping traffic in the Red Sea. The international community has only several options: either declare war on Yemen, and this is difficult, because Yemen is a big whale and a swamp for anyone who enters it, or the West puts pressure on the enemy." The Zionist in a practical way to stop his massacres, and this is easier.. Either the Zionist enemy declares war on Yemen, and this option will lead to the destruction and detention of more of its ships...or America intervenes militarily, and then the Yemeni response will be against American ships as well.”

He stressed that if the Zionist enemy chooses the three options, the world will be faced with a practical closure of the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and thus the Gaza war will intensify and expand further, as many world leaders have warned. The positions of the Yemenis and Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular generally expressed their pride and happiness at what the Yemeni forces did, stressing that this is something that raises astonishment and deserves celebration.

Many bloggers also supported the statement of the military spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, sending thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this operation as it was a victory for the oppressed in Gaza.

The Palestinian resistance factions praised the heroic Yemeni operation... considering it a true translation of the positions of the Yemeni people and reflects the belief of the Yemeni people and their leadership in the duty of Arab and Islamic support for the Palestinian people and the duties of the nation to support the Palestinian cause, stand by the resistance, and stop the brutal, unjust aggression against the besieged Palestinian people.

These factions include the Islamic Jihad Movement, Hamas, the Fatah Intifada Movement, the Mujahideen Movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine... and others.

The Palestinian resistance factions confirmed that the Yemeni resistance’s ability to control a Zionist ship brings the battle into a new phase... emphasizing the axis of resistance that records bright pages and writes the most wonderful pictures of support for Palestine and its resistance.

It is noteworthy that the Zionist-American aggression against Gaza created a widespread state of defiance with the Palestinian issue throughout the world, united the world in this context, and restored consideration to the option of comprehensive resistance and the slogan of unity of the arenas.

The exceptional Yemeni position comes from religious, national and moral imperatives, after the Arab and Islamic position reached a level characterized by submission and acquiescence to American and European dictates. It is not new today, but rather has a long history during which the Yemeni people offered many martyrs in the arena of the Palestinian cause.

Many Arab writers and journalists described this historic position as Sana'a being credited with being the first country to take a practical stance in support of the people and the Palestinian cause.

Observers believe that any military action against Yemen will lead to a doubling of tension in the Red Sea and may even lead to its complete closure to navigation because any military operations against Yemen will be from the sea and certainly Yemen will respond in the same sea, and here the world will stop in the face of this dangerous development.

It is worth noting that history will record in its brightest pages that Yemen is the only Arab country that officially declared war on the Zionist enemy entity, while 57 Arab and Islamic countries should have declared war and directed all their capabilities to support the Palestinian cause, which was and still is the central issue for Arabs and Muslims.


resource : Saba


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