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Army's spokesman reveals in press conference details of “al-Ba'as al- Shadid,” operation in Marib

Army's spokesman reveals in press conference details of “al-Ba'as al- Shadid,” operation in Marib


SANA'A, Sep. 18 (Saba) - Armed Forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarie revealed on Friday details of “al-Ba'as al- Shadid,” "intensity in war" operation in Marib province.

Brigadier-General Sarie explained, in a press conference in Sana’a, that the qualitative and vast military operation in the Marib province continued for several months, and successfully achieved its targets.

Stressing that the operation liberated large areas in the province, and causing huge losses in the ranks of the aggression mercenaries.

And he added, "After the operational order was issued, the various military units began carrying out their field tasks, and by launching the attack from several tracks, our armed forces launched a new phase of the liberation of Yemen."

Brigadier Sarie stressed that the armed forces reinforced the offensive process to open new paths, to follow suit tactics and geography of the military operation, as the armed forces stepped up their pressure on the enemy who paid more mercenaries armed with various kinds of weapons to battle.

He said, "The operational plan included the implementation of qualitative military operations, targeting the most prominent centers of the enemy's gatherings, as well as its reinforcements and military facilities," stressing that the armed forces succeeded in carrying out the required military operation, and were ready to confront all possibilities.


The Armed Forces spokesman stated that the total number of missile force operations amounted to 161 operations, including 128 internally, and 33 operations in the Saudi territory, where "Badr, Nikal, Sa'ir, Qassem, Zulfiqar, and Quds 2" missiles were targeted.


He pointed out that "the operations of the drone air force amounted to 319 operations, of which 136 operations targeted the enemy in its territories, and 183 operations targeted the enemy in our occupied lands."


He said: "The engineering units, the anti-armor units, and the armored corps had a great role that contributed to inflicting more losses in the ranks of the enemy's equipment."


Sarie pointed out that there are other key roles for the rest of the units, from infantry to reconnaissance, as well as air defense.


He stated that the aggression coalition launched, during the stages of the implementation of “al-Ba'as al- Shadid” operation, not dozens of raids, but hundreds, as the competent authorities in the armed forces were able to monitor :


  • More than 3290 raids indicating that all of these raids tried to impede the progress of the armed forces, in addition to targeting civilians in the liberated areas.


  • Counting the destruction, damage, and burning of approximately 1,500 vehicles, armored vehicles, military vehicles, and personnel carriers, in addition to the destruction of several weapons depots.


  • Seize large quantities of the heavy, medium, and light weapons, which are weapons that have become today present in the battle against the enemy and his mercenaries. "


  • Liberating about 1,600 square kilometers, and succeeded in restoring what was in this area of camps and headquarters of the armed forces.


Brigadier said: "One of the most prominent results of the operation was the liberation of the districts of Madghal and Majzar in the Marib province, and the liberation of Mas camp, which was considered one of the largest camps used by the enemy during the past years, and thousands of mercenaries mobilized to it, as well as elements of the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS, in addition to officers from Saudi enemy army.


He pointed out the size of the losses among the mercenaries, including more than 15,000 dead, wounded, and captured, during the period in which the operation was carried out, i.e. between March 2020 and November 2020, including three thousand dead, 12,440 wounded, and 550 prisoners.


He also said: "We are fighting in defense of our country and people, and we have a cause that is the liberation of Yemen. As for you, mercenaries, you fight in defense of the Saudi-Emirati-American enemies of Yemen."



















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