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Yemen condemns US statement on Sana'a airport closure

Yemen condemns US statement on Sana'a airport closure



SANAA, Sep. 24 (Saba) - The Foreign Ministry has condemned US Deputy Secretary of State Steve Biegun's call to Sana'a government to reverse their closure of Sana'a airport to United Nations and humanitarian flights.


The US official's statement ignored that the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition backed by the US administration is the one that closed the Sana'a International Airport before the Yemeni people and all commercial and civil flights since August 2016, an official at the Foreign Ministry stated to Saba.


The airport's closure has caused the death of tens of thousands of patients, prevented hundreds of civilians, students, businessmen from returning home, he added.


Concerning the UN humanitarian relief flights, Sana'a international airport cannot receive them because of the lack of oil derivatives required to run the airport, he said, stressing that the aggression coalition continually seizes oil vessels and does not allow them to enter Hodeida seaport.


The US statement also overlooked this facts, the FM official said, warning of the repercussions of the lack of oil, which will cause a full stop of all service sectors, especially health, telecommunications, water and increase transportation costs, and that will hike foodstuff prices.


The official called on the US administration to realistically deal with situations in Yemen, reiterating the call to the US administration to assume its responsibility as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which is supposed to sponsor and support peace and security all around the world.


He also demanded the US administration to stop the US support for the aggression coalition, which would lead to an end to the military aggression and lift the all-inclusive siege on the country, in preparation to peaceful political negotiations preserving Yemen's sovereignty and territorial integrity.



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