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Vice president visits Aden districts

Vice president visits Aden districts


ADEN, Feb. 26 (Saba) - Vice President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi carried out on Saturday an inspection tour to a number of districts in Aden governorate.

He got acquainted with the severe damages caused by anarchists of the Joint Meeting Parties in Mansourah district who seized soldiers' weapons who refused to shoot fire before the chaos of demonstrators.

The anarchists burnt a security four wheel drive vehicle, breaking windows of new a building in which caused disrupt to security and tranquility of the society in Mansourh district.

Well informed witnesses said that some elements came from outside the city of Aden to instigate acts of sabotage and unrest.

On the other hand, Vice president met with a number of graduates who applied for jobs in which he directed ministry of civil services and insurances to recruit them.

Hadi directed to provide 1,700 posts for youths who applied for jobs in Dar Sa'ad who affirmed their refusal of voices of anarchists and false slogans, confirming their support to Yemen's Unity.

Then, he met with secretary general of the Local Council and Its members in Dar Sa'ad who discussed with them issues on different levels as it represents a good district which is free of saboteurs.

Hadi also paid a visit to a number of commercial areas in Aden, Buraiqah in particular.



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