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Foreign Ministry: The united States has to respect the sovereignty of other nations and stop interfering in their affair

Foreign Ministry: The united States has to respect the sovereignty of other nations and stop interfering in their affair


SANAA, June 23 (Saba) – An official source in the Foreign Ministry of the National SalvationGovernment jabs called on the US administration to "abandon its attempts to impose its dictates on the peoples and governments across the world by force."

The statement furthermore demanded the US administration to stop its support for the aggression countries against Yemen, and to advocate a peace that would save Yemen and its people from aggression.

In a statement to Yemeni News Agency Saba, the official called on the US to use its mind, renounce violence and to deal with countries and peoples in the same way as it wants others to deal with the US: by respecting international conventions and laws, and keeping open options for peace.

"The peoples and countries of the region in the Gulf and in the Middle East in general, want peace and stability. At the same time, they do not want to see senseless wars caused by paranoia, arrogance and reckless decisions, such as the decision of the aggressors against Yemen announced by Riyadh with the support the US and British."

"Such senseless wars come through false and aggressive positions, based on arrogant disrespect for the sovereignty of states and the legitimate rights of peoples to manage their internal affairs," the statement added.
"The White House and the US military Administration in Washington must respect the sovereignty of all nations as much as they call others to respect its own sovereignty and borders, as in the case of illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the US border."
The official confirmed that the US administration and its huge military are messing around in many places in the world, which is contrary to international law and outside the control of lawmakers in Congress and the Senate.
“The US still wants to play the role of the policeman of the world, who claims the right to exercise what he wants and to breach every law under unjustified justifications and designations."
"Thus, the US administration sends its spy and jet fighters to violate the national airspace of other states, which is contrary to international custom. This is the case in the airspace of Yemen, where US spy and armed drones assassinate those who they want under the guise of "fighting terrorism" ," the official concluded.

Mona Zaid


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