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Sana'a.. 50,000 visitors to tourism sites, dams on first & second days of Eid
Sana'a.. 50,000 visitors to tourism sites, dams on first & second days of Eid
Sana'a.. 50,000 visitors to tourism sites, dams on first & second days of Eid

SANA'A April 18. 2024 (Saba) - This year, tourist sites and parks in Sana'a governorate are witnessing an unprecedented turnout of citizens to spend the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday, despite the difficulties and challenges.

These sites, parks and natural baths, with their stunning views, represent a unique outlet for citizens from different regions as an alternative to the gardens in Amanat Al-Asimah and other governorates, which are crowded with thousands of visitors.

Tourist sites, Bani Matar Waterfalls, Beit al-Kabsh area in the Al-Hayma Al-Dakhiliya District, and the dams scattered in a number of governorate directorates receive thousands of visitors from the Capital Municipality and other governorates daily to enjoy the unique atmosphere and landscapes.

According to a preliminary report by the province's tourism office, the number of visitors to tourist sites on the first and second days of Eid reached more than 50,000 citizens.

The report pointed out that the number of visitors is increasing daily, and in large numbers, especially after the success of the approved procedures to regulate cars at the entrances to dams and waterfalls, with the support of traffic men, civil defense and the concerned offices, which were formed before the blessed Eid al-Fitr, which limited to a large degree of traffic jams.

In this regard, Governor Abdul Basit Al-Hadi stressed the keenness of the local authority to provide what can be provided of services in various sectors, including the tourism sector, and facilitate citizens' access to them effortlessly.

He pointed to the importance of preparing a tourist guide at the level of each directorate to introduce the most prominent sites, which are characterized by their picturesque and archaeological scenery. He called for exploiting the available assets and investment opportunities to revive the tourism sector and benefit from it in supporting the national economy.
Governor Al-Hadi pointed to the importance of developing domestic tourism, rehabilitating local communities associated with the tourism sector in various sites and parks, and activating the role of the concerned sectors to revitalize this sector, which is considered one of the important economic sectors.

He stressed the need for concerted efforts, attention to the tourism sector, revitalization of its various fields, and taking advantage of opportunities for the development of domestic tourism, which will benefit rural communities.

For their part, Abdul Qader al-Jilani, secretary-general of the local council, and the governorate's undersecretary for the services sector, Fares al-Kahali, pointed to the steps that the provincial leadership has begun to implement within the interim matrix to stimulate tourism and secure the necessary requirements for tourist sites.

They praised the efforts that preceded the Eid holiday by the concerned authorities to provide all capabilities and services to maintain the safety of visitors, and to organize their flow to dams, waterfalls, tourist and archaeological sites and parks, and their departure from them.

They stressed the keenness of the governorate leadership and the local authority to overcome the difficulties of investing in vital tourist sites, and to provide suitable opportunities for the development of this sector. They called on businessmen to invest and exploit the opportunities available to advance this important sector.

Yahya al-Sharif, director of the governorate's tourism office, pointed out that the increasing demand for tourist sites and areas during this year's Eid holiday is due to the governorate's unique climate, charming nature, dams, natural waterfalls, historical and archaeological forts and castles.

He explained that - in cooperation with the relevant authorities - teams have been formed to prevent swimming, regulate the passage of cars, awareness and cleaning services in the waterfalls of Bani Matar and Al-Hayma Al-Dakhiliya, the dams of Sayan, Mukhtan, Shahak, Maqwala, Wadi Rajam, and others.

Al-Sharif praised the attention of the governorate's leadership and its keenness to stimulate domestic tourism and secure the safety of citizens. He appreciated the cooperation of the offices of health, civil defense, traffic, hygiene and improvement, and their positive presence in tourist sites, embodying the national and humanitarian responsibility in protecting visitors, and giving them opportunities to enjoy the vacation without disturbances.

Dr. Khalid al-Montaser, director of the province's Public Health and Population Office, said medical teams, civil defence, tourism, hygiene and other sectors are working side by side to serve visitors to tourist areas in the province. He pointed out that these teams work around the clock according to a smooth system and mechanism that ensures the presence of crews at their sites, and facilitates communication with them in case of danger.

Fahd Attia, director of the Cleanliness and Improvement Fund in the governorate, explained that the team assigned by the fund is working to clean tourist sites and areas, remove waste, and implement awareness campaigns through mobile radio stations and video brochures.

He pointed out that the cleaning teams collected and transported 739 zaffa, one thousand and 528 tons of waste, from various directorates of the governorate, sites and parks, during the period from Monday to Friday, while awareness leaflets distributed in tourist sites, in neighborhoods, parks and dams, amounted to one thousand and 240 brochures.

Attia pointed out that the cleaning teams are distributing plastic bags designated for collecting waste to visitors to tourist areas for free. He called for their cooperation in maintaining cleanliness and aesthetic view of cities, main streets and parks.

Dr. Sami Al-Jaboubi, director of the civil defense branch in the governorate, renewed the call for citizens to exercise caution and adhere to the instructions and instructions issued by the Civil Defense Authority, not to swim in dams and water barriers, as well as not to approach dangerous places and slopes in them.

With the continued influx of visitors to tourist sites, foremost of which are Bani Matar Waterfall, Bait Al-Kabsh Waterfalls and Wadi Bihas in Al-Hayma Al-Dakhiliya District, Shahek Dams in Al-Tayyal, Rajam and Mukhtan in Bani Hushaish, Hammam Jarif in Bilad Al-Rus, and Dar Al-Hajar in Hamdan District, service teams from the Tourism and Security Offices, the Rescue and Traffic Branch, Works, Health, Civil Defense and Hygiene Continue to provide services and provide a safe and appropriate atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the joyful atmosphere of Eid.


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