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Al-Houthi visits martyr leader's shrine in Maran in Sa'ada
[12 April 2024]
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[12 April 2024]
Tourism Office in Hodeida carries out field visit to monitor hotel facilities
[12 April 2024]
Eid visits to Almoravids on number of fronts in Taiz & Hodeidah
[12 April 2024]
Leaders & notables from Dhamar visit Almoravids in Al-Kadha & Al-Barah in Taiz
[12 April 2024]
Hizbullah: Our participation in defense of Palestine is participation in defense of nation
[13 April 2024]
Russian Defense announces implementation of test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile
[13 April 2024]
Iraqi resistance warns America and Israel: Our response will be direct wherever our hands reach
[13 April 2024]
Al-Quds Brigades broadcasts scenes targeting mechanisms of the Zionist enemy
[13 April 2024]
Al-Quds Brigades attacked Zionist military convoy in minefield, killing & wounding all force's members
[12 April 2024]
From remains martyrs of Gaza .. America sends more weapons to Zionist enemy entity
[09 April 2024]
Continuous efforts made to improve aesthetic appearance of Hodeida
[09 April 2024]
American-Saudi-Emirati aggression crimes in Yemen... forgotten rights & lost justice
[09 April 2024]
Ministry of Health.. Achievements & challenges during nine years of resilience
[08 April 2024]
Yemenis celebrate International Quds Day
[05 April 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
American-British aggression launch 12 raids on Hodeida
[11 March 2024]
American-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida
[20 February 2024]
Four citizens injured by explosion of leftover military ordnance in Marib
[19 February 2024]
9 raids of US-British aggression on governorates of Sana'a and Hajjah
[04 February 2024]
Martyr Leader Project brought about transformations in Yemen, is changing equations regionally & internationally
Martyr Leader Project brought about transformations in Yemen, is changing equations regionally & internationally
Martyr Leader Project brought about transformations in Yemen, is changing equations regionally & internationally

SANA'A February 15. 2024 (Saba) - Twenty years have passed since the martyr leader, Sayyed. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, ascended to the ranks of the immortals after establishing a practical Qur’anic project that brought about many transformations during the past twenty years at the level of Yemen, and today it is changing equations at the regional and international levels.

The martyr leader did not devote his life to a worldly goal or a project that would bring him money or achieve prestige, as is the case with many leaders and commanders. Rather, he dedicated it to rebuilding the nation according to sound foundations by linking it to the Holy Qur’an and the path of upright Islam that was brought by the Messenger of God, peace be upon him without distortion or confusion.

That is why his martyrdom, may God be pleased with him, was not his last stop in this world. Rather, he was one of those few great people who passed away and whose deeds remained immortal and continuous, illuminating the paths for the people of the nation and drawing them to God, so that at their hands the glory, invincibility, majesty, and honor of this nation were achieved after everything it had been exposed to throughout long decades of targeting and domestication made it weak, subservient, and submissive to the enemies of Islam.

Sayyed. Hussein, may God be pleased with him, grew up and was nurtured in the vastness of the Holy Qur’an and the sciences of the people of the House of Prophethood, may God’s prayers be upon them. He drew from that pure source and learned from his father, the scholar, Sayyed. Badr al-Din bin Amir al-Din al-Houthi, knowledge, working together, and a sense of responsibility towards his nation.

Since his early childhood, may God be pleased with him, he was admired by all who knew him, because of his generosity, generosity, courage, humility, wisdom, knowledge, a sea of knowledge, foresight, and other good qualities and attributes that characterized the martyr leader and immortalized his memory among all those who lived with him and accompanied him at various stages of his life.

The martyr leader placed all knowledge, especially Quranic culture, in the context of serious movement, effective and fruitful action, and diligently pushing the nation to what it must do against its enemies, as well as building the individual and society on sound foundations based on Quranic education and culture, which he emphasized in all his lessons and lectures.

He also worked with his father and a group of scholars to establish educational schools to spread awareness and strengthen society, through conscious preaching and guidance in many districts and provinces.

Sayyed. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi contemplated a lot about the reality of the nation and began to research and investigate, taking advantage of past experiences and what brought the nation to where it has reached. Through his deepening and understanding of the Holy Qur’an, he realized the disease that made the nation subject to the Jews and Christians, which is represented by the false cultures and false beliefs that came from outside the Book of God and the family of His Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family.

He emphasized that reading the Qur’an carefully and carefully, along with reading life events, people’s behaviors, and their souls properly, is what helps a person realize the dangers that surround him and the Islamic nation.

The martyr leader always urged the need for all actions to be linked to the Holy Qur’an and the topics of Qur’anic culture, because God made the Qur’an a light, a guidance, and a sermon, and at the same time made it linked to all matters of life.

Sayyed. Hussein had great confidence in God and had a strong relationship with his Lord. He also knew that one of the nation’s biggest crises was its lack of trust in God as it should be, and that when a person sets out armed with Quranic culture, he develops immunity against Western and foreign cultures that contradict Islam and its lofty values, and is able to understand his reality. Then move to change the bad reality, on the basis of God’s guidance and the approach of his Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family.

Whoever reads the lessons and lieutenants of the martyr leader will find that he dealt with all the details of life, and realizes that he had a conscious and wise outlook on everything, and was worthy and qualified for God to bestow upon him the knowledge, wisdom, insight, awareness, and ability to lead as a result of the leadership qualifications he had, benevolence, courage, chivalry, and generosity, compassion for people, strong trust in God, a sense of responsibility, sincerity, and loyalty in working for the sake of serving the nation and its well-being, to be at the level of responsibility.

On the seventeenth of January 2002, Sayyed. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi announced the cry of truth, pride and dignity: “God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam” to announce the birth of a new dawn in which there is no room for humiliation, fear, submissiveness, and submission.

By issuing the slogan, the martyr leader opened the door to pride, freedom, and honorable positions that were sufficient to restore the nation’s glory and sovereignty, liberate it from domination, guardianship, exploitation, and subordination, and rid it of the state of submission to its enemies.

As soon as he shouted out the cry in the face of the enemies and the arrogant, it was confronted with a media war no less ferocious than a military war, in order to distort the Qur’anic march, lie, quackery, slander, and distort the facts, and then work hard to diminish the importance of the honorable positions and victories achieved by the Qur’anic march at all levels. .

After that, messages of threats and intimidations began to come to Sayyid Hussein from the ruling regime, urging him to abandon the slogan and the Qur’anic education that accompanied it, or the bloody wars he was exposed to would be launched against him later. However, Sayyed Hussein, may God be pleased with him, was greater than those threats, and his confidence The greatness of God made him strong in the face of challenges. He was not shaken by threats, nor dissuaded by threats, but rather increased in faith, certainty, and steadfastness in his principles.

Despite this, he was keen for everyone to understand the correctness of his position and that this action was the only one that would save the country from the conspiracies of the Americans. He stressed that it was not in anyone’s interest to present himself as the director of a police department to the Americans, and he assured the head of the regime at the time that if he did that, his fate would not be less from the fate of other leaders who sacrificed their people to please America, so it allowed them to deny all their actions, abandoned them, and beat them at a time when their people hated them.

The martyr leader had a strong sense of the responsibility placed on his shoulders towards his local community and the larger Islamic community. He was keen to show people that the stage in which Muslims are living is a dangerous stage that requires that there be a practical vision presented to the people so that they can move through it.

The vision of the operation was based on two basic issues, the first of which was the slogan of outcry and innocence from the enemies of Islam, and the second was the boycott of American and Israeli goods as a religious duty, and a necessity required by the stage and needed by the nation to taste through it the taste of pride and freedom, especially after it had lost hope in parties of all kinds, religious, national, and secular, and was tired of the state of humiliation and the despair and frustration that dominated her reality.

Sayyed. Hussein, may God be pleased with him, led the greatest intellectual revolution against the false cultures and false beliefs that establish and legitimize tyranny and injustice, and he revolted against the deviant cultures that brought many tyrants to power, and that was the true, successful revolution that was immune to any breakthroughs.

The martyr leader set out to build a nation that does not accept tyrants or be deceived by them, and in which there is no place for the deviant ideas that brought the criminals to power to control the necks of the nation and inflict terrible torment upon it, until they reached the point of selling the dignity, pride, freedom, and wealth of their people to the enemies of the nation, America and Israel and to make themselves dirty tools in the hands of enemies to oppress and humiliate their people.

Those who tried to eliminate his great project believed that their targeting of the martyr leader would be enough to end what he had started and devoted his life to within the framework of a Qur’anic journey full of jihad, giving, and dedication to supporting the oppressed among the Yemeni people and the nation in general.

The master of the Mujahideen and the Qur’an, may God be pleased with him, ascended, and his heart was full of confidence in God’s victory for this path of faith after he established the foundation for the nation of the Qur’an and Islam.

The oppressors thought at the time that they had won the battle and eliminated the revolution sparked by the martyr, the founding leader, but his revolution continued with greater violence, and today it is spreading throughout the country, which has begun to enjoy pride, exaltation, and freedom from the guardianship and subordination of the Americans, the Zionists, and their agents.

Today, the Martyr Leader Project has also become a practical project that threatens tyrants, terrifies hypocrites, and breaks the arrogance of America, Britain, and the usurping Zionist entity. It has also begun to establish honorable positions that raise the heads of all Yemenis, and this project will continue its path until it spreads throughout the globe.


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