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Checking out summer courses in Amanat Al-Asimah
[19 May 2024]
March batch of Al-Aqsa Flood courses graduates in Hodeida
[19 May 2024]
Hodeida Governor inspects September 21 Hospital & Al-Samad Kidney Dialysis Center
[19 May 2024]
Hamed, Al-Mutawakkil, Al-Shami & Awad inspect summer courses at Imam Al-Hadi School in Sa'ada
[19 May 2024]
Al-Bayda Province's Undersecretary inspects summer courses in Radaa
[19 May 2024]
Palestinian killed by enemy bullets near military checkpoint in occupied Jerusalem
[19 May 2024]
Zionist enemy army acknowledges officer death as result of intensity of battles in northern Gaza
[19 May 2024]
South Africa confirms that it is moving forward with lawsuit against Zionist entity
[19 May 2024]
Iranian Presidential Assistant: We communicated with President of Republic’s entourage several times
[19 May 2024]
Alsayeed Khamenei: Iranian people should not worry, there will be no disturbance in the country’s
[19 May 2024]
Fears of increasing scale of Zionist massacres in genocide war on Gaza
[19 May 2024]
Islamic Resistance in Lebanon increases pace of its military operations against Zionist enemy: report
[19 May 2024]
Battle of "Al-Aqsa flood"... Zionist enemy tirelessly receive defeats
[18 May 2024]
On Anniversary of Nakba, Palestinian resistance rekindles Palestinian cause which absent for decades
[17 May 2024]
Continuation of American-Zionist war on Gaza and Yemen... Yemeni military options open
[15 May 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Air defenses down American plane in Marib
[17 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launches raid on Hodeidah airport
[13 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launched five raids on Hodeidah Airport
[02 May 2024]
Sa'ada Saudi enemy forces target citizen's house in Baqim
[28 April 2024]
Health Ministry condemns aggression mercenaries' crime in Taiz
[27 April 2024]
Women's Authority in Sana'a holds National Steadfastness Day
Women's Authority in Sana'a holds National Steadfastness Day
Women's Authority in Sana'a holds National Steadfastness Day

SANA'A March 26. 2023 (Saba) - The General Cultural Women's Authority in Sana'a province on Sunday organized a number of rhetorical events in commemoration of the National Steadfastness Day and the inauguration of the ninth year of Steadfastness.

In the New Sana'a district, a rhetorical and cultural event was organized on the occasion. Al-Kawthar Schools coordinator Sumaya al-Maghrebi emphasized that the revival of the Day of Steadfastness is an affirmation of steadfastness, the rejection of aggression, the continuation of jihad alongside the army's heroes, and the supply of money and men to the fronts.

Al-Maghrebi pointed to the participation of women in steadfastness, and with the passage of eight years of barbaric aggression, Yemeni women are still able to exert the precious things until victory is achieved and the occupier is defeated from every inch of Yemeni territory.

The event included many diverse paragraphs that praised the greatness of the Yemeni people and their steadfastness in the face of this criminal aggression over a period of eight years.

In Jehana district, the participants reviewed statistics and pictures of aggression crimes over the past eight years.

The participants renewed their steadfast stances in steadfastness and confrontation of aggression until achieving victory and defeating the occupier from every inch of Yemeni territory.

In Hamadan district, the participants in the march emphasized the importance of commemorating the National Day of steadfastness to renew the complete rejection of aggression and to celebrate the steadfastness of the Yemeni people in the face of the international aggression coalition.

The march issued a statement confirming that the Yemeni people will never surrender, will never submit, and will sacrifice everything dear and precious for the sake of their freedom and independence.

The statement affirmed the right of the Yemeni people to confront the aggression and confront it by all available means and options.

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