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[26 September 2023]
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[26 September 2023]
Human Rights Minister congratulates Revolution Leader & President Al-Mashat on Prophet’s birthday anniversary
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Minister of Oil congratulates Revolution Leader & Chairman of Political Council on Prophet’s birthday
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Zionist enemy storms the Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem
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Palestinian resistance fighters target Zionist reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace of Jenin camp
[26 September 2023]
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[24 September 2023]
Al-Bayda Governorate turns green to celebrate Prophet’s birthday
[24 September 2023]
Preparations continue to celebrate anniversary of Prophet’s birthday in Hajjah
[24 September 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 100 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[24 September 2023]
Aggression commits 84 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[23 September 2023]
Aggression forces commit 77 violations of Hodeida ceasefire
[22 September 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on this day, September 22
[22 September 2023]
Aggression commits 83 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[21 September 2023]
Ministry of Guidance organizes press conference on politicization, obstruction of Saudi regime for Hajj
Ministry of Guidance organizes press conference on politicization, obstruction of Saudi regime for Hajj
Ministry of Guidance organizes press conference on politicization, obstruction of Saudi regime for Hajj

SANA'A, July. 01 (Saba) - The Ministry of Guidance, Hajj Affairs, and Umrah organized Thursday in Sana'a a press conference on the politicization and obstruction of the Saudi regime for the Hajj.

Minister of Guidance Najib al-Aji noted that the press conference aims to review the difficulties created by the Saudi regime to obstruct the pilgrimage in terms of high costs and not travel by air to the Holy Sentiments to perform the Hajj events.

He pointed out that the aggression states and mercenaries place obstacles on Yemeni pilgrims by imposing additional costs and blockades on ports, airports, and roads. He stressed that the press conference aims to inform everyone about the suffering of Yemenis as the Saudi regime continues to obstruct and politicize the pilgrimage.

At the conference, which was attended by Deputy Minister of Guidance scholar Fouad Naji, the Minister of Hajj and Umrah Sector, Abdulrahman Al-Na'mi, read the ministerial statement in which he explained that the Hajj pilgrimage continues to be targeted by the Saudi regime in service of the aims of colonial enemies and their expansionist ambitions in the Islamic country, Foremost among them is the control of the Two Holy Mosques and Al-Quds Al-Sharif to empty them of their content and disrupt their lofty message, which God wanted to unite and meet Muslims.

Al-Na'mi revealed a number of those allowed by the Saudi regime to perform this season's pilgrimage, representing less than 40 percent of what he called Yemen's quota. The Saudi regime limited the number to 10,000 and 981 pilgrims, which means that Yemenis cannot travel the pilgrimage, not to mention the difficulties and risks of traveling and not opening safe roads nearby, in the context of hostilities against Yemeni pilgrims by making them travel long distances and take unpaved roads.

He stressed that the Saudi regime has imposed excessive fees and costs of approximately SAR 20 thousand, equivalent to YRI 3 million, in the so-called economic program, while other programs, some of which amount to SAR 40 thousand, amount to approximately YRI 6 million, while the occupied areas have doubled the amount due to the high exchange rate.

He considered the imposition of high fees and costs, the aim of which was to deprive Yemenis of the easy and safe conduct of the pilgrimage. The costs of Hajj, housing and transportation services for the season 1443 AH were determined by the Saudi regime for about 14 thousand Saudi riyals, these include approximately SAR 6500 for fake services under the names of a package of services, taxes, insurance, enhancement fees, visas, shelter fees, and bank transfers, as well as Hajj's expenses of at least SAR 5,000, especially with double prices for goods and services.

The agent of the Hajj and Umrah sector reviewed the difficulties faced by pilgrims in travelling long distances and the risks they face despite Sana'a's initiative to open close and safe roads, which were met with procrastination and not responsive to them and were shortening the road distance to 10 hours instead of three to five days of travel and suffering, especially for those with excuses such as the sick and the elderly.

He drew attention to the roads that had been proposed for opening, Sana 'a, Nehm, Jawf junction, Marib, al-Wadeia'a estimated at about 500 km, Sana'a, Bayda, Marib, and al-Wadeia'a estimated at about 750 km, and the opening of Sana'a airport for those wishing to travel by air.

Al-Na'mi asserted that the aggression forces and mercenaries refused to open roads, adding to the suffering of pilgrims by traveling a long and arduous distance through nine governorates and estimated at 2,500 km to Makkah, including 1,500 km to the Wadeia'a outlet. The pilgrim passes through the governorates of "Sana'a - Dhamar - Ibb - Taiz - Al Dhale' - Aden - Abyan - Shabwa and Marib", including the governorates that are under occupation and where there is no security and safety, and their roads are unpaved and are not qualified for the passage of pilgrims and travelers to the Wadeia'a outlet.

The statement of the Ministry of Guidance and Hajj and Umrah Affairs called on the Islamic States to denounce these arbitrary measures and take positions that reject such action.

The Ministry of Guidance reiterated its rejection and condemnation of the closure of Sana'a International Airport and border crossings and the lack of acceptance by States of aggression and mercenaries of the passport issued by Sana'a, which exposes pilgrims to heavy hardships and fines and the danger of movement in the occupied areas.

It condemned the acts of interruptions and abductions of some pilgrims by mercenaries and their masters, the use of Hajj and Umrah as a political instrument and a means of atrocity, soliciting and arresting the safe, and handing over of Rahman's guests in proximity to repressive regimes.

The Ministry of Guidance's statement denounced the determination of the Saudi regime and the limitation of the Hajj pilgrimage for ages up to 65 years.

The Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Sector called for condemning the crimes and massacres of Al Saud against the pilgrims of Beit Allah al-Haram since the establishment of the Saudi regime to date, and the resulting bloodshed of thousands of pilgrims in Arafa, Mina and al-Harm Al-Maki, Muslims cannot forget the Tanumah massacre against the pilgrims of Yemen and the massacres committed against the pilgrims of the Levant, Iraq and Iran.

He reiterated the emphasis on the unity of the Islamic nation in the face of the Zionist-American schemes and projects and working to not politicize the performance of the duties of the true Islamic religion and to facilitate the performance of Hajj and Umrah for all Muslims without discrimination.

The statement of the Ministry of Guidance appealed to the scholars of the Islamic world as a whole to carry out their duty and responsibilities towards Islamic sanctities, to raise awareness and awaken the nation, to mobilize peoples against destructive projects, foreign schemes, and Zionist ambitions, and to motivate the youth and determination to raise awareness and educate them to stand in the face of tyrants and arrogance, led by America, Israel, and the Saudi and Emirati regimes.

He called on the free people of the nation to raise their voices and take a stand to remove the hand of the Saudi regime from the administration of the Two Holy Mosques, which has proven incompetent for this by its loyalty to the Jews and Christians and its inclusion of the obligation of Hajj and the holy sites in its political and military conflicts and for its criminality against the Yemeni people and the nation and its opening of discos in the land of the Two Holy Mosques.


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