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Al-Thawrah, 20 July,2005.

Al-Thawrah, 20 July,2005.


Althawrha, the leading official daily its editorial focused on the prices adjustments the government has adopted with the framework of the reform programs.

The paper stated that, the prices adjustments which the government has adopted aimed at reducing the government subsidies to fuel. This reformative measures were imperative to save the national economy and speed up the development process.

Althawrah went on saying the administrative and financial reforms are very necessary to help bringing about the development goals and fighting corruption.
Thereupon, there is a draft bill is due to be discussed in the upcoming parliament sessions pertaining to the financial accountability of the public officials. The bill aims to curb using the public position for achieving personal motives.

Althawrah came to say that everyone should percept that unless the government has taken these reformatory measures, the consequences would be disastrous and the development drive was threatened to come to stand still.


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