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Vote of no-confidence in Yemen government tabled as crises deepen

Vote of no-confidence in Yemen government tabled as crises deepen



SANAA, May 28 (Saba)--The House of Representatives started on Wednesday a debate on constitutional measures for a vote of no-confidence in the Yemeni government after Premier and ministers failed to submit a transparent vision to address aggravating challenges.

MPs said the answers of the government to questions about deepening crises including acute fuel shortages, repeated power outages everyday and security concerns were not convincible and did not make sense.

Yemen has been experiencing acute fuel shortages for around two months. Many fuel stations in the capital city of Sanaa have shut down as a result of the shortages, which have triggered the public rage. Many people have parked their cars at closed stations and on streets just as a few stations open for hours a day.

Also, power blackouts take place a few times a day, between 2-4 hours each, coinciding with alarming security problems including targeted killings of military and security officers and soldiers, politicians and others and repeated acts of sabotage targeting oil and gas projects, mostly pipelines, and power pylons.

The government has recently blamed fuel shortages on acts of sabotage against crude pipelines and seizures of fuel trucks, saying such acts have resulted in crude production disruptions and fuel shortages. Such acts have been reflected on the country's revenues and decreasing state share of crude exports, the government has said.

Yemen depends largely on oil revenues which account for around 70% of the state budget.

Members of the House urged to address the current challenges effectively and urgently, while warning that they will stand firm in the best interest of the people.

Furthermore, they said the government has failed to control things and that its incompetence has been behind the aggravation of all problems.


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