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Lebanese resistance practically ends Zionist deterrence
Lebanese resistance practically ends Zionist deterrence
Lebanese resistance practically ends Zionist deterrence
[Tue, 25 Jun 2024 09:33:04 +0300]

CAPITALS June 25. 2024 (Saba) - The rapid developments on the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine confirm that the Zionist deterrence has practically ended in the face of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon led by Hezbollah, which reflects a clear qualitative shift in escalation that may ultimately push towards charting the bleak fate of this usurping entity by putting it effectively on the path to extinction.

Whoever follows the painful strikes directed by the Lebanese resistance against the Zionist enemy entity, especially in the northern settlements, using the frequency of responses to the Zionist aggression against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, realizes that the Zionist deterrence has practically ended in confronting Hezbollah, and what is happening is a realistic implementation of the surprises that await the enemy if He continued his aggression.

The past few days have witnessed specific operations of a different type, launched by the Lebanese resistance against the Zionist enemy forces in the occupied north, where dozens of operations were carried out, using various military tactics, including anti-aircraft missiles, modern drones, and precise bombing, which resulted in the enemy inflicting losses big.

Therefore, the general framework for the resistance in Lebanon expanding the scope of its attacks in quantity and quality on Zionist military sites, bases and installations in the occupied Palestinian north states that these attacks will be recorded according to the military interpretation of the Lebanese resistance as a “deterrence factor”, including a clear message of its readiness to confront any new form of escalation taking place in the mind of the Zionist entity.

The recent increase in the level and pace of attacks by the Lebanese resistance, along with the introduction of new weapons and tactics, may impose a different path that includes sending messages of readiness and perhaps deterrence to the Zionist entity.

Concerning all of this, the researcher on Zionist affairs, Ayman Alama said, “The main dilemma for the Zionists is the collapse of the idea of safety that the entity planted in their souls, that it is a safe home for all the Jews.”

Alama pointed out in an interview with Al-Manar TV website that "Hezbollah succeeded in emptying the north."

He continued, saying: “The most important thing is that the experts agree that the battle in the north affected the course of the war in Gaza, meaning that the goal of the party’s intervention in supporting Gaza has succeeded.”

He stressed that "Hezbollah was able to impose a new security reality on the entity, leading to the fall of the Zionist deterrence in front of the party."

In turn, the writer and political analyst, Ibrahim Al-Madhoun confirmed that “the messages that the resistance in Lebanon wants to deliver after increasing the level of its targeting of the positions of the Zionist enemy forces are messages of deterrence.”

Al-Madhoun said in a special statement to Quds Press: “The first message is a message of support for the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, and in order to pressure a ceasefire and stop the ongoing aggression against the Strip.”

He added: "The second message is to restrain the Zionist entity and deter it from recklessly heading towards a wide and comprehensive war with Lebanon."

In this context, the Lebanese academic and strategic expert, Ali Darbaj said: “The expansion of the resistance in Lebanon’s attacks came at a time when the Zionist enemy army expanded its attacks on Lebanese villages and regions, targeting civilians and medical personnel.”

Darbej added: “The fiery and qualitative messages directed by the resistance in Lebanon to the Zionist occupation coincided with the selection of somewhat strategic targets, and they struck them, which caused the Zionist enemy army to lose its senses, and prompted it to strike civilian and residential targets.”

He pointed out that "every attempt by the Zionist enemy to deviate from the rules of engagement or impose new equations is met by the resistance in Lebanon with a stunning response that prevents the Zionist enemy from achieving its goals."

He considered that "the statements of some leaders of the Zionist entity that carry with them threats to Lebanon are nothing but an attempt to paint an image of achievement or deterrence, especially since the masses of the usurping entity in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories are thirsty for one achievement achieved by their defeated army, especially in light of the conditions they are suffering from." "It is difficult and there is a state of fear and panic over the reactions of the resistance in Lebanon."

For its part, sources in the Lebanese resistance pointed out that the resistance is continuing its military operations and has a great ability to identify targets and detailed information about them and bomb them with appropriate weapons... stressing that “the resistance can reach any target in northern occupied Palestine, and if the enemy expands its aggression, the resistance will expand its operations, proportionally and more and have a bank of targets that will surprise the enemy.”

It stressed that "the resistance will continue its operations no matter how long the war in Gaza lasts, and it has prepared for all scenarios, including a comprehensive and open war which will be the war that brings the resistance in Lebanon and the region historic victory over the Zionist enemy."

In conclusion, the estimates so far about the South Lebanese Front’s escalation of its military operations in response to the Zionist attacks... indicate that the Zionist entity’s calculations and analyzes were very wrong regarding the clear development in the operations carried out by the resistance, after it had embodied its deterrent power, and even contributed to increasing Weaknesses of the enemy's army concerning deterrence.

The effects of the messages of this development on the level, depth and quality of operations, and the implications that this has for the failure of the Zionist defensive ability, were pointed out by the enemy media when they confirmed on Sunday that the resistance in Lebanon is working with greater development than that of “Israel”.

The Zionist newspaper "Haaretz" said: Hezbollah's combat theory has become much more advanced than simply destroying settlements.

"Haaretz" indicated that Hezbollah's planners and strategists have succeeded during the past 18 years, since the end of the Second Lebanon War, in building a knowledge base about almost every settlement, small or large, and about all the occupied territories in Palestine, "and it has become within Hezbollah's reach."

“Such work to map town profiles, which relies on aerial photographs and satellite images, is certainly an impressive achievement,” it added.

The newspaper pointed out that “Hezbollah was able to increase its stock of missiles, missiles, and drones by hundreds of percentages, despite all attempts,” adding: “Israel failed in this mission, which was known as the battle between wars.”

It also considered that "Hezbollah's activation of the force has been carried out according to an organized rate, and it is focusing its efforts on striking the bases where the air defense, warning and intelligence systems of the Zionist enemy army operate.

The goal is to obscure the Zionist air defense and intelligence capabilities and reduce the freedom of action of Air Force aircraft in the skies of Lebanon."

Likewise, Haaretz considered, “The fact that Hezbollah’s air defense systems have already succeeded in intercepting and destroying drones belonging to the occupation army is worrying and exhausting.”


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