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  Revolution Leader
Revolution leader calls for exit of Milion man march tomorrow, Friday, to continue solidarity with Palestine & its cause
Revolution leader calls for exit of Milion man march tomorrow, Friday, to continue solidarity with Palestine & its cause
Revolution leader calls for exit of Milion man march tomorrow, Friday, to continue solidarity with Palestine & its cause

SANA'A April 18. 2024 (Saba) - The Revolution leader, Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, called on the Yemeni people to Million man march on Friday in the capital Sana'a and the governorates to continue solidarity with the Palestinian people, support their cause and support their resistance.

Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi said in a speech this evening on the latest developments in Palestine and regional developments, "I call on the dear Yemeni people to embody tomorrow the saying of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and his family and grant him peace, in his ancestors Ansar, "You multiply when you panic, and you decrease when you are greedy."

He urged the Yemeni people to increase their banners and prepare for the squares in the capital Sana'a and the governorates in the exit of Million man march large to translate their stability and effectiveness, and the continuity of their activity and the strength of their faith and to always express to the Palestinian people that they will not abandon their position in support of them and stand with them and steadfastness on the position neither with the length of time nor with the volume of pressure or the level of any events.

"The weekly exit of Million man march is important in this battle, and it is easy and available, and the issue is not complicated in Friday's exit, because the Yemeni people are steadfast and steadfast, heading to be a decent position in their faith, awareness, insight, magnanimity, values and morals," he said.

The leader of the revolution described the exit of the Yemeni people in the last week of the month of Ramadan as great and distinguished, stressing that the desired fruit after Ramadan that everyone has a more sense of responsibility and strives to do more.

"There is no room for laziness and shirking responsibility, and this is not the business of any believer who is provided with piety, has increased awareness and insight, and his connection with the Holy Quran and the provision of good deeds, and it is required to pay attention to activities and continue to intensify the mobilization activity, which is one of the most important tracks," he said.

He pointed out that what is happening at the military level must be paralleled and accompanied by popular interaction, indicating that the path of paradise, great victory, the winning in this world and the hereafter, pride, strength, victory and freedom is to continue to carry the banner of jihad, effective movement and active work.

The Commander reviewed the operations to support Yemen to the Palestinian people and support their cause and the resistance in Gaza, which amounted within two weeks to 14 operations from the Red Sea, to the Indian Ocean, which became part of the operations as well as against enemy targets in southern Palestine.

The operations of the Yemeni armed forces were carried out with 36 ballistic missiles, winged missiles and drones, targeting eight ships linked to enemies, bringing the total targeted ships to 98, he said.

He reiterated that the Yemeni military operations are continuing, thanks to God, and their impact is great and successful, and these weeks several naval vessels have withdrawn from the Red Sea, which is useful, and all those who withdrew talk about the effectiveness of the military operations of the Yemeni armed forces.

"We assure the Americans, the British and everyone that no one can ever stop our operations in support of Gaza, and they will not stop our operations to pressure to stop the blockade, neither by counter-operations against our country nor by the mobilization of warships," he said.

The leader of the revolution stated that it is not in anyone's interest to compliment the American and appease him with naval participation. He stressed that there is no danger to the navigation of European countries, which do not go to the Israeli enemy and can pass safely and peacefully in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

He addressed European countries by saying, "It is in your interest to withdraw your pieces, which cost you a lot and involve you in risks and skirmishes in favor of the Americans, and through coordination with our country, any country can cross into the sea without any targeting."

He stressed that the impact on the security and safety of navigation and the transit of ships is in the congestion of warships in the Red Sea. He pointed to the enemy's admission of failure, in the face of what it is doing at sea and its economic losses are large and increasing.

"Israeli losses continue to escalate as a result of preventing its ships from crossing and ships associated with it, as well as American, British and other losses that involve themselves in these burdens are escalating in insurance and rising prices," he said.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that there is no solution that contributes to the stability of the region properly except to stop the aggression and siege on Gaza. "There can be no stability and the Israeli enemy occupies Palestine and commits genocide in the Gaza Strip."

He believed that the solution in the interest of all is to stop the Zionist aggression, lift its siege on Gaza, and access food and medicine and allow it to enter the residents of the Strip.

Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi pointed out that the month of Ramadan was a school to provide him with piety, indicating that the Palestinian people fasted the month of Ramadan and revived it like the rest of the peoples of the nation, and they are striving and persevering and suffering from injustice, siege and starvation.

He touched on the great responsibility of the nation in supporting the Palestinian people, standing with them, supporting them, providing relief to them, and confronting the enemy that attacks them with all considerations, considering the Palestinian people as part of the nation. Considering the official position of most Arab and Islamic countries is at the forefront of the circle of those who fail to support Palestine and its just cause.

He explained that some peoples are laggard, some are complicit in the aggression, and some are contributors to the enemy in several areas. He pointed out that sorting in the reality of the nation is not new, but is within the Sunnah of God Almighty throughout history.

The leader pointed out that the takfiri movement is a large sedition movement, to which tens of thousands belong, but its movement under the title of "jihad is not in the right direction", and the title of jihad is targeted by the enemies of Islam by distortion.

"The takfiri movement moved to spread sedition and kill the sons of the nation in markets, mosques and religious and social events, and carried out more than four thousand suicide operations in Iraq under this title, and it also practiced criminal operations slaughtering with knives, mutilating bodies and beheading under the banner of Islam," he said.

He expressed regret for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Muslims by the takfiri movement with huge material support from Arab regimes and political and media support, while they were silent about what the Zionist enemy entity is committing in Gaza and did not move jihad for the sake of God to confront it.

"The takfiris did not move militarily with Palestine as they were fighters and suicides by the thousands, nor at the media level," he said. "Where is the takfiri current in confronting the Israeli enemy, which is considered the first enemy of Islam according to the text of the Qur'an?!!" he asked.

He pointed out that the takfiri movement did not direct activity to mobilize the nation against the Israeli enemy as it used to talk and incite against the sons of the nation. He explained that the Saudi regime and with it the Emirati regime presented themselves as the leaders and protectors of the Arab embrace and thus dwarfed in any effort in support of Palestine.

The leader of the revolution stressed that the Saudi and Emirati regimes contributed to serving the enemy in the media and adopted the statements of the Zionists and the Americans as if they were directives to move. He pointed out that the criminal practices of the Zionist enemy reveal its hidden hatred and strong hostility to the Arab and Islamic nation.

He reported that parties and personalities in Yemen and elsewhere have hostile activities under humanitarian and moral titles, so where are they from Gaza?

He pointed out that the Palestinian cause is just and there is no ambiguity in its justice, as the Palestinian people have the right, in addition to the magnitude of oppression and suffering. He stressed that the Palestinian cause is linked to the nation in its religion because of the presence of sanctities in it, which is a faith and moral responsibility.

"Had it not been for the jihad and sacrifices of the Palestinian people and the mujahideen in Lebanon, the evil of the Israeli enemy would have turned to other countries and what the enemy is doing in Palestine proves that it does not give any consideration, neither to laws nor to customs, nor to international organizations or institutions," he said.

Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi also stressed that the Israeli tyranny is shared by the United States and supported by Western countries, to commit massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the occupied territories, the latest of which was the martyrdom of the sons and grandchildren of the head of Hamas' political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh.

He praised the faith and jihadist position of the head of Hamas' political bureau. He expressed his deepest condolences to him and his family for the martyrdom of his sons and grandchildren in the massacres that the Zionist enemy, backed by the United States and Europe, is still committing until the moment.

He praised the cohesion and integration of the Palestinian leaders with their people and their mujahideen. He stressed that the Israeli enemy, with its crime, does not achieve for itself the image of victory, but is an additional balance of criminality.

The Leader of the Revolution stated that the enemy is intensifying its attacks in the West Bank with the aim of displacing the people and looting their property, in light of the American insistence on preventing a ceasefire and the continuation of aggression in Gaza.

He denounced the clear and scandalous support for the Zionist enemy by Germany by providing him with great support with missiles to kill the people in Gaza, and the contribution of France and some European countries clearly and blatantly and European countries in supporting the enemy to kill the people of Gaza.

He stressed that Britain participates with the Americans, even with its drones, in the aggression on Gaza, and in return for the American and British participation and European support for the Zionist enemy, there is great steadfastness and great courage by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

"The steadfastness of the mujahideen in the Gaza Strip from various factions is worthy of praise and appreciation, and it is a school of patience and trust in God, and the mujahideen in their cohesion, effectiveness and patience follow the example of the followers and supporters of the prophets," he said. He stressed that the cohesion and steadfastness of the resistance in Gaza despite the conditions experienced by the heroes and the severe siege on them is a victory in itself.

The steadfastness of the mujahideen in Gaza promised a great omen for a new phase in the future of the Palestinian people, whose steadfastness and cohesion exceeded even the expectations of the enemies, who were betting on terrible criminality to break the will of the Palestinian people and displace them from the Gaza Strip, but failed to do so.

Sayyid Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi referred to Iran's "True Promise" operation against the Zionist entity. "Before the Iranian response, there were intensive efforts and attempts to seek to obstruct and contain the Iranian response, and offers and inducements were made to the brothers in Iran in an attempt to dissuade them from responding because the enemies are worried about any position that benefits the Palestinian people," he said.

"America and its associates have offered many temptations and offers to the Iranian brothers in attempts to dissuade them from responding or weaken its level," he said. He pointed out that the enemies want the Israeli enemy to remain free, calm and safe from any danger in order to single out the Palestinian people.

"There were extensive arrangements to counter the Iranian response and America led the response," he said. He expressed deep regret from some Arab countries that sought to obstruct the Iranian response under the title of seeking to prevent escalation, stressing that the escalation and danger is what the Israeli enemy is doing in Gaza.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that some Arab countries moved with European countries in confronting the Iranian response, adding, "It is very unfortunate that Arab countries protect the Israeli enemy, and a crime against the Palestinian people."

He pointed out that the American worked seven belts and layers in order to counter the Iranian response, which was strong in terms of momentum in quantity and quality and from Iranian territory, and intercepting missiles and drones targeting the Israeli enemy.

He stated that the Zionist enemy was seeking to distract the Islamic Republic from not coming from its territory and not from being to occupied Palestine. He explained that the response from Iranian territory targeted a military base that is one of the most important Zionist military bases in occupied Palestine.

The Iranian response was considered important and strong and for important goals, the axis also participated in the response from various supporting fronts, and at the same time represented an important opportunity to target the Israeli enemy.

The commander pointed out that the "True Promise" operation proved the equation of responding to the Israeli enemy, which seeks to impose the rule of permissibility, and at the same time established the rules of engagement with the enemy, in the event of an attack, it will be responded to strongly and decisively. He stressed that the enemy has been accustomed for decades to strike Arab and Islamic countries and does not respond and in some cases submit a complaint to the United Nations.

"After the enemies failed to dissuade the brothers in the Islamic Republic from responding, they tended to distort and minimize this process, and to try to portray the Iranian position as if it were an insignificant and insignificant position that they successfully confronted," he said.

He stopped at the scenes of joy for the Palestinian people who saw for the first time a wonderful scene of a large number of rockets raining down on the Israeli enemy. "The Palestinian people rejoiced and rejoiced to see those who dare to target the Israeli enemy with such a level of targeting."

He expressed deep regret that some Arab media outlets moved against the Iranian response with the same Israeli logic. He pointed out that Netanyahu's logic turned into a target for some Arab media, and they tried to separate the Iranian response from support for the Palestinian people.

The leader of the revolution attributed the US-Western problem with Iran, which is its support for the Palestinian people and their mujahideen. He stressed that the portrayal of enemies and some Arab countries as the Palestinian issue as an Iranian issue distinguishes the Islamic Republic in the level of its support for Palestine.

He explained that the Iranian adoption of the Palestinian cause came operations and counter-operations with the enemy. He considered the Iranian operation to represent useful and direct support for the Palestinian people and their cause and the mujahideen in Gaza, and if the Israeli enemy responds to Iran, the latter will respond more strongly and this will be in the interest of the Palestinian people.

"If any country comes to open a problem with the Israeli enemy at this time, it would be in support of the Palestinian people," he said.

Sayyid. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi touched on the Hezbollah front and its clear escalation on the enemy during the past two weeks, and its continuous and increasing influence. He pointed out that the Iraq front continues and has also contributed to Iran's "True Promise" operation.


resource : Saba


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