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Leaders from Fifth Military District visit Almoravids in Al-Durayhimi
[17 June 2024]
Al-Junaid inspects Almoravids' conditions in Maris axis in Al-Dhale'
[17 June 2024]
Major General Al-Awami inspects patients conditions at Isnad Psychiatric Hospital
[17 June 2024]
Hodeida Province Undersecretary visits Almoravids on West Coast fronts
[17 June 2024]
Al-Sami'i performs Eid Al-Adha prayer with crowds of worshipers in Al-Salaf area in Taiz
[17 June 2024]
Russian delegate: Palestine’s membership in UN will launch equal negotiations with “Israel”
[17 June 2024]
Zionist enemy forces storm Qalqilya & Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho, Wasilat Al-Dhahr, & village of Al-Fandqumiya in Jenin
[17 June 2024]
Two Palestinians killed & 13 others injured as result of Zionist raids on Zarqa neighborhood, north of Gaza
[17 June 2024]
Three Palestinians killed in Zionist airstrike targeting Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza
[17 June 2024]
Zionist bombing Lebanon on first day of Eid al-Adha
[16 June 2024]
America's bias towards usurping entity threatens survival of Security Council resolution "ink on paper"
[14 June 2024]
Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
[12 June 2024]
Yemen is resistant to enemy conspiracies & will continue to support Palestine
[12 June 2024]
With American participation... Zionist enemy commits massacre to recover its prisoners
[10 June 2024]
Health Ministry...Remitting efforts towards local pharmaceutical industry, its localization
[08 June 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
US-British aggression launches 3 raids on Al-Salif in Hodeida
[11 June 2024]
American-British aggression targets Al-Faza coast in Hodeida
[10 June 2024]
Armed forces target two company ships that violated decision to ban
[07 June 2024]
American-British aggression launches five raids on Hodeida
[07 June 2024]
American aggression aircraft launches two raids on Hodeida
[23 May 2024]
Bloomberg: EU is losing its economic competitiveness more than it was 5 years ago
Bloomberg: EU is losing its economic competitiveness more than it was 5 years ago
Bloomberg: EU is losing its economic competitiveness more than it was 5 years ago

NEW YORK March 21. 2024 (Saba) - The US Bloomberg Agency revealed on Wednesday that the European Union's ranking in global economic competitiveness has declined from what it was five years ago.

The agency reported that 56 percent of companies say that the European Union has become less attractive than it was five years ago, and that high energy costs and excessive bureaucracy constitute the main burdens.

A majority of German executives believe that the European Union has lost its attractiveness as a place to do business, according to a new study by industry lobby DIHK.

Some 56 percent of the 3,000 German companies surveyed indicated that the EU's competitiveness as a business location had deteriorated over the past five years, while only seven percent had improved.

DIHK General Manager Martin Wansleben said: “Despite its initially good position, Europe faces the risk of losing its position in international competition.

The agency stated that manufacturing companies, in particular, have a negative opinion, noting that two-thirds of those companies consider that working conditions have deteriorated in recent years, and this is due, according to the companies, to rising costs, primarily due to high energy prices, and the formation of excessive bureaucracy and trade barriers.

Most European countries entered a state of recession and economic contraction, as a result of the continued high inflation, the rise in interest rates, and the increasing cost of arming Ukraine paid by the Europeans, in addition to the loss of Russian gas, and the consequences of this loss on all aspects of life in Europe, in terms of warming... Industry and transportation.


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