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  Revolution Leader
Revolution leader confirms enemies failed to achieve goal of targeting President Saleh al-Sammad
Revolution leader confirms enemies failed to achieve goal of targeting President Saleh al-Sammad
Revolution leader confirms enemies failed to achieve goal of targeting President Saleh al-Sammad

SANA'A February 13. 2024 (Saba) - Revolution leader Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi confirmed on Tuesday that the enemies, their regional agents, and their local soldiers failed to achieve their goal when they targeted the martyr president, Saleh al-Sammad.

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of President al-Sammad , al-Houthi indicated that the American had a fundamental role in targeting martyr al-Sammad for the his concern and his influence among the Yemeni people and his active role in mobilizing official and popular energies and capabilities to confront the aggression and preserve the home front.

The Revolution leader explained that the enemies were seeking to break the will and steadfastness of the Yemeni people and to sow despair among them.

He added the enemies also fear the free leaders who do not submit to America and do not accept the sources of their people’s freedom and the occupation of their countries.

Al-Houthi pointed out that the Americans, the British, and the Israelis were take into account what is happening in particular these days in terms of the Yemeni people’s supporting for their brothers in Palestine.

He stressed that the Yemeni people see the fruit of the sacrifice and generosity of martyr al-Sammad and his companions today embodied in the strength, resilience and real contribution of Yemen in the battle to defend the nation and its first cause, which is Palestine.

The leader said "The main martyr, may God have mercy on him, ascended in history as a martyr, a winner of God's promises to the righteous martyrs, who embodied honesty, sincerity, and steadfastness in standing up to the truth, and who gave themselves, money, effort, energies, and abilities for the sake of God until they won martyrdom."

Al-Houthi pointed out that "martyr al-Sammad is a model of a faithful, struggling man. He started from the standpoint of identity and faith affiliation, and he moved with awareness, insight, effectiveness, a practical spirit, and a tangible contribution. He was a model of a man of responsibility in his practical performance from his position as president."

Al-Sammad is a source of pride for the Yemeni people:

The revolution leader pointed out that martyr president is a source of pride for the Yemeni people in front of many of the peoples of the nation that suffer from a real bankruptcy of presidents and leaders, and a terrible injustice in having presidents and leaders who carry the spirit of faith, and proceed from faith-based foundations and possess the highest qualifications in performing their responsibilities to be worthy with their people.

Al-Houthi explained that martyr al-Sammad embodied, from position of responsibility, his faith-based identity carried for our people and stemmed from belonging to his people and nation.

He said that al-Sammad combined political awareness, cultural and cognitive background, and his broad social relations and jihadist spirituality.

The leader said that al-Sammad had noble morals, good dealings, good relations with people, and the great respect and humility for which he was known.

He added that al-Sammad was interested in his work and performing his responsibilities, adding that al-Sammad made an effort in the areas of work in which he moved.

The revolution leader said "The martyr al-Sammad assumed his responsibility as president in very difficult circumstances, when the aggression against our country was at its peak, and he was randomly bombarding, with thousands of tons of bombs and missiles, the heads of our people in cities and villages, sweeping the country and besieging it from all directions, destroying the economic structure, and targeting the country in n all forms .."

He pointed out that martyr al-Sammad had an active and influential role and a clear contribution to this correct approach in mobilizing energies and capabilities at the official and popular levels in carrying out the responsibility in confronting the aggression and striving tirelessly to preserve the internal front and its cohesion, adding this worried the enemies and was one of the most important reasons for targeting him.

The revolution leader stated that the aggression coalition was seeking to invade Yemen, occupy it entirety, and confiscate the freedom and independence of the dear Yemeni people.

The leader indicated that the enemies were worried that there would be someone in Yemen, with its geographical importance and an active people, who would adhere to the issues of his nation, most notably the Palestinian issue.

He said the enemies are worried of leaders who have the ability to be free at the level of popular and official position because they want the official position to be always in the context of working for the favor of America, Israel and Britain and to move in the context of the American position to suppress the popular trend, adding the enemies want agents who will be, their primary mission, is to guard American and British facilities and interests and protect Israeli ships.”

The leader sad "The logic of some mercenaries is the same as what the Americans, the British, and the Israelis express in describing our country's position in support of Gaza," pointing out that the statements of the Israelis, the Americans, and the British match the statements and positions of the mercenary leaders."

He pointed out that "the enemies imagined that they would achieve their goals through assassinations by eliminating any sincere movement, and this is a wrong perception, indicating that the important advantage of the martyrs is that they remain immortal as an inspiring model in the position of role model and motivation for others to take action."

Al-Houthi stressed that the position of the Yemeni people towards the oppression of the Palestinian people is a great witness to the failure of the enemies to achieve their goals by targeting martyr Al-Sammad, pointing out that the position of the Yemeni people at the official and popular levels is distinguished by integration and comprehensive action in all fields.

Military action at sea is effective:

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that there is a very terrible negligence on the part of many countries, whether in the Arab world or elsewhere, regarding what is happening in Gaza.

Al-Houthi stressed that "the military movement at sea is effective and we hope that everyone will understand the effectiveness and impact of this movement."

The revolution leader said "God has blessed our country with a great victory in its naval operations by achieving a very important goal, which is preventing the crossing and movement of ships linked to Israel. This is a real victory and a very important achievement."

Al-Houthi stated that in recent weeks no ship linked to the Israeli enemy had passed or crossed, stressing that Yemen's ability to completely prevent the movement and crossing of ships linked to the Israeli enemy is clear evidence of the effectiveness of naval military operations for the Yemeni people.

He continued that "The results of our military operations have an impact not only on the enemy's situation as a result of the cessation of the port of Umm Al-Rashrash, but also on the level of its economic situation in general."

Al-Houthi pointed out that the position of the Yemeni people is strategically influential and that is why they attacked Yemen and implicated themselves in all the consequences that resulted from that.

The revolution leader explained that since the beginning of enemies aggression against Yemen, the Americans and the British have been living with the problem of the Israeli enemy in that their ships are being targeted.

He stressed that the Americans and the British have failed to protect ships linked to the Israeli enemy despite all the efforts they are making and their aggression against Yemen.

He pointed out that preventing the crossing and movement of ships linked to the Israeli enemy is a victory over the evil trio of America, Israel and Britain.

The leader pointed out that the broad movement of the Yemeni people at the level of mobilization and military readiness is an extremely important path, stressing that the continuation of demonstrations and marches despite the long-term aggression against Gaza expresses our people’s awareness and sense of responsibility.

He said "We must continue to take serious action against the barbarism of the Israeli enemy and its preparations for a comprehensive aggression and ground invasion of Rafah, where there are approximately 1,400,000 displaced Palestinians who are suffering from difficult conditions and are exposed to aerial bombardment and murders."

The leader pointed out that the Israeli enemy wants to commit in Rafah as what it is committing and committed in the northern and central part of the Gaza Strip, "genocide, comprehensive destruction, and very terrible crime."

The revolution leader stressed that the Islamic world has a great responsibility towards the great danger to the Palestinian people in Rafah, indicating that everyone must take serious action to support the Palestinian people in light of the criminal step announced by the Israelis.


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