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  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on December 7
[07 December 2023]
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[23 November 2023]
  Revolution Leader
Revolution leader says US obstructs peace in Yemen
Revolution leader says US obstructs peace in Yemen
Revolution leader says US obstructs peace in Yemen

SANA'A May 23. 2023 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution Abdulmalik al-Houthi said on Tuesday that the US obstructs peace in Yemen, adding the US gave its agents a margin for calm, whether in their relationship with China, regional relations, or in the recent agreement with Iran under Chinese auspices.

Al-Houthi added "Our reading of the Saudi and Emirati position is that they did not exceed the US and British square, but rather within the framework of an US permitted margin, whether in the level of the relationship with China, the agreement with the Islamic Republic in Iran, or the truce with Syria and other steps within the framework of the US permitted margin, but it was narrower with regard to the file. of Yemen".

He pointed out that it is clear that Saudi Arabia, after eight years of war on Yemen, under the US supervision, Zionist intervention, a British role, and a coalition from other parties, including the UAE, that this aggression has failed and has not reached its goal of fully resolving the battle in its interest, pointing out that the Saudis and the Emiratis can end this aggression and exit from the war in a fair and correct way, as we have repeated in many words and positions that what is required is to stop the aggression, end the siege and occupation, and deal with the war files regarding prisoners, compensation for damages and reconstruction.

The leader of the revolution considered all of these matters fair and logical and a right owed to the Yemeni people, but the Americans and the British are still seeking and pushing for not achieving real peace through the implementation of these legitimate and just entitlements for the Yemeni people, and they want the occupation, conspiracies, siege and deprivation of the Yemeni people to continue their national wealth of oil, gas and minerals, adding the they, the enemies, want to control the islands and territorial waters of Yemen.

He added, "We say to the whole world and to the Americans and the British and their allies in the region that the continuation of this state of targeting our country means that we, as we have repeatedly emphasized, will continue to confront the aggression with all possible means --with the help of Allah the Almighty, because the responsibility is upon all of us in this country to exert effort, and we will continue our effort to confront the enemies and their conspiracies.”

The leader of the revolution indicated that "no one can convince us or justify the continuity of this state of siege and occupation and prevent a correct exit from this aggression against our country."

He said "At a time when the Omani endeavors have begun to reach signs of solutions and certain addresses that come within a logical and fair context, even at its minimum, the Saudi sometimes comes to talk about himself as a mediator. This is a joke, as the Saudi officially declared himself the leader of the war coalition against this country, which It played a fundamental role in the aggression in financing and adopting the position completely, and all the world knows that.”

Al-Houthi stressed that the aggression coalition must bear the consequences of its aggressive war, which is the big thing in return for its unjust aggression and the crimes it committed against this people.

He added "The Saudi is the one who undertook the enormity of the aggression and its negative consequences at the level of atrocious crimes, destruction, and so on, so why is he trying to say about himself that he is a mediator, and who will bear all the obligations resulting from this aggression, and if he wants peace, let him bear the obligations of this peace, which is a deserved right for the Yemeni people."

resource : Saba


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UPDATED ON :Fri, 08 Dec 2023 21:54:35 +0300