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  US-Saudi Aggression
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[18 March 2023]
Gas Company launches direct sales of domestic gas at 5,500 Riyals per cylinder
Gas Company launches direct sales of domestic gas at 5,500 Riyals per cylinder
Gas Company launches direct sales of domestic gas at 5,500 Riyals per cylinder

SANA'A March 18. 2023 (Saba) - Yemen Gas Company held a press conference Saturday on the ration plan for the domestic gas material for citizens.

At the conference, the company's deputy executive director, Eng. Al-Sharif Aboud Mahdi, confirmed that the company had a three-month household gas ration strategy.

He assured the citizens of the availability of domestic gas and will be sold and distributed through three programs to cover the needs of the citizens of this article. These programs include sale through the headband of the neighbourhood and there is a direct sale program for the citizen.

In addition, today, the company launched a direct sale program for domestic gas to the citizen at the price of 5,500 Riyals per cylinder.

The Deputy Executive Director confirmed that the direct sale mechanism comes under the directives of the Supreme Political Council to alleviate the suffering of citizens and cover the growing need for gas during the holy month of Ramadan.

The company is keen to provide citizens with the need for domestic gas and increase the quantities of this material at the lowest cost, and to prevent the spread of the black market in accordance with the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council during his visit to the company last Wednesday.

Regarding the replacement of damaged gas cylinders, Al-Sharif Abboud confirmed that the Yemeni Gas Company is aiming during the current year to replace and distribute 40 thousand cylinders, including 25 thousand new manufactured and 15,000 cylinders maintained, which will be distributed to the Capital Secretariat and the rest of the governorates.

The official spokesman of the company, Ali Masar, stated that as part of the efforts of the Yemeni Gas Company, the direct sale programme of domestic gas was launched today at Amanat Al Asimah districts.
He pointed out that today, the sale took place in Ma'een Districts " Ha'il, al-Thaiba, al-Ansar neighbourhood " in addition to the directorate of Bani al-Harith "Daris and Wadi Ahmed "and the directorate of al-Wehda Next to Al-Mutawakel Hospital "at the price of 5,500 per gas cylinder.

Masar noted that this mechanism is part of the plan approved by the company to cover the citizen's need for domestic gas and to achieve stabilization of the ration situation from it by going to neighbourhoods to sell gas directly.

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