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Aggression forces violate Hodeida truce 35 times within 24 hours
[26 March 2023]
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[12 March 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces violate Hodeida truce 35 times within 24 hours
[26 March 2023]
Aggression commits 40 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[24 March 2023]
Citizen killed by explosion of aggression's remnants in Hodeida
[24 March 2023]
Aggression forces commit 82 violations of Hodeida truce
[23 March 2023]
Air defenses shoot down aggression spy plane
[21 March 2023]
Yemeni marches to support Quran
Yemeni marches to support Quran
Yemeni marches to support Quran

SANA'A January 26. 2023 (Saba) - It was not surprising what we found the Yemeni outrage manifested in rallies that the various provinces deplored the burning of extremists in Sweden and the Netherlands copies of the Holy Quran..Yemenis are linked to their religion and faith identity, and their rejection of all attempts to abuse their religion is only a strong expression of their faith and pride.

Yemeni rage marches also embodied Yemen's unwavering and principled attitude towards the Holy Places, in a true form of the nation's appeal for the support of the book of God and defence on the Holy Sites of Islam.

The Yemeni people's marches, the largest at the Arab and Islamic levels, represented the right faith attitude towards these heinous practices, it reflected the exemplary example of the attachment to faith identity, manifested in the awakening of values, principles and jealousy over religion, the Book of God and the sanctities of the nation.

Yemeni crowds of different categories of people continue to come with consciousness and religious identity, rejecting prolongation and abuses of Islam and heavenly books which represents a provocation to Muslims' feelings around the globe.

The burning of copies of the Sharif Quran, behind which the Zionist lobby stands, provoked the discontent of Yemenis not only because they were supporters of the Great messenger and descendants of those who believed in him and supporting him, rather because they are worthy of faith as the Holy Prophet described them by saying " The belief is among the Yemenites, the sagacity is that of the Yemenites" and a practical expression of his saying that religion will have its word at the hands of men from the people of Yemen.

Yemen's official and popular attitude has led the Islamic scene of rejection of hostile practices against religions. He was clear and forthright in denouncing this act of aggression, which touches on the most important Islamic sanctities... Stressing the need for serious action to deter and hold accountable those involved in these crimes and all those who continue to abuse sanctities.

The rage marches, which began last Monday, confirmed that this crime will not go unnoticed, demanding that decisive action be taken against this blatant aggression against God's Book, by severing diplomatic relations with countries that violate the sanctity of Islamic sanctities and boycotting them economically, expressing genuine anger and condemnation must have practical dimensions.

The Yemeni people affirmed that these criminal practices will only increase them by adhering to their faith identity and continuing the approach of the Holy Prophet and their readiness and their willingness to sacrifice in defence of religion and the Holy Quran.

The leadership in Sana'a has been aware of the schemes targeting Islamic holy places since early, when the leader of the revolution Sayyed Abdulmalek Badruddin al-Houthy in his speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet's birth 1444 AH called for western nations and societies to stop abusing and hostile to prophets and the Book of God and to stop burning Quran.

He called on Western countries to be free from Jewish Zionism, which had dominated them, misled them, corrupted them, completely controlled them and enslaved them terribly.

The Yemenis realize that they will come out with these mass marches, that glory and luxury will only be achieved by adhering to the Holy Qur’an and applying its teachings as a life approach in the face of the attack that targets the nation and its sanctities.

While many Arab regimes rush towards normalization with the entity of the Zionist enemy, which stands behind all these criminal practices, Yemenis reinforce the manifestations and attitudes of their association with the faith identity and support for the Book of God and His Messenger.

Because the Quranic project, which is entrenched in the conscience of the sons of Yemen, is growing awareness of its importance to confront the plans and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, puts this enemy and its tools from client regimes, Yemen is in the targeting list, given the real threat this awakening poses to the projects and conspiracies of the Jews and Christians targeting the nation and its identity.

The Yemenis agrees through the unit of the position for which the mass marches are launched, that the victory of religion and the Book of God is the essence of the true victory that they urge in the path in the face of the US aggression coalition and the rejection of guardianship projects on the Yemeni decision.

Yemen's anger over these abuses has not been limited to organizing rallies and mass stops denouncing the crime of burning copies of the Holy Quran in Sweden and the Netherlands, these responses have expanded to include the media, seminars and cultural programmes based on religious responsibility.

Over the course of eight years of aggression and siege, the Yemeni people have demonstrated their commitment to the Quran project and have reflected the contents of faith identity and translated it into words these angry marches are perhaps one of the headlines of the faith identity of the people of Yemen.

resource : Saba


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UPDATED ON :Sun, 26 Mar 2023 22:05:04 +0300