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[02 October 2022]
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[02 October 2022]
Deputy PM inaugurates solar energy system for pumping water in Hodeida
[02 October 2022]
Solar energy system in al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeida inaugurated
[02 October 2022]
President Al-Mashat lays foundation stone for "Al-Nabi Al-Akram" Hospital for Kidney Diseases
[02 October 2022]
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[02 October 2022]
Parliament Deliberating over Riots in Iran
[02 October 2022]
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[02 October 2022]
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[22 September 2022]
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[20 September 2022]
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[19 September 2022]
Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth
[07 September 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces commit 170 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[02 October 2022]
Aggression forces commit 122 violations of armistice in past 24 hours
[01 October 2022]
Aggression forces commit 140 violations of armistice in past 24 hours
[30 September 2022]
One citizen was killed by explosion of aggression mine remnants in Marib
[30 September 2022]
Aggression commits 177 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[29 September 2022]
President attends graduation ceremony of number of military forces of Presidential Protection Forces
President attends graduation ceremony of number of military forces of Presidential Protection Forces
President attends graduation ceremony of number of military forces of Presidential Protection Forces

SANA'A, Aug. 11 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, attended on Thursday the graduation ceremony of a number of the military forces of the Presidential Protection Forces.

President said in the graduation ceremony of the batch ' It is far from possible for us to be in the condition of humiliating, "We in this show, through high performance and discipline, are at a level to be proud of this army, through performance and tangible discipline at the level of form in its field performances and at the level of content in the theater of combat operations, and the role it plays in an honorable and successful manner."

He added, "In the beginning, I present to the graduates of this batch, a batch of far from possible for us to be in the condition of humiliated, the enemy's movements that came to destroy the heroic military institution have failed and the military institution has become the symbol, pride and pride for all the Yemeni people.

He said, "By attending this presentation, I apologize to the leaders, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of all the military regions in which we were unable to attend to inaugurate the celebration of the training year 1444, even though the delegation of the Supreme Political Council attended in many regions headed by Mohammad al-Houthi."

He added, "Thanks to the graduates in this batch, as they throw the show and return to the barricades, and you teach the enemies all the arts of discipline so that one day they will not think of attacking our country as long as you are in this country."

He pointed out that acquiring knowledge, military sciences and training is jihad in the cause of Allah, and it is at the core of jihad in the cause of Allah, because it is part of preparing for the enemies of Allah.

The President of the Supreme Political Council explained that the current wars of the era can be summed up in two points, the wars of techniques and tactics. He said, "It is natural and even obvious that you need experience, science, high performance and practice in order to acquire a certain tactic until you obtain a certain technology."

He added, "Wars and conflicts are what build nations and states, and they build people, and we must take advantage of all the challenges we are going through, whether at the level of our heroic military institution or at the level of all state institutions. We must exploit them and turn them into opportunities to build our country and our nation, and this What we must all strive for in all state institutions.”

He stressed the need to preserve the balance gained by the military institution. He added, "these successive activities come within the context of the inauguration of the training year in all military regions."

He continued, "Through the parade that was presented at this ceremony, we saw the remarkable discipline and upgrading of performance, and all of this is a source of pride not for the presidential protection forces, but for all the sons of the country, as you are the protectors of the homeland and the preserved show."

He added, “All the military regions, and in the security establishment as well, and all state institutions, you must be in the protection forces and the military regions in your behavioral and practical performance at a high level, rather, you must be up to the level of responsibility, ambition and aspirations that the people of this nation look at.”

He added, "Also, at the level of the theater of operations and combat performance, you must be the ideal model in offering sacrifice and redemption greater than all military regions, competition and advancement are important and positive among all forces and within the forces themselves. With the performance of the army institution, which is a source of pride for every Yemeni, you are truly prepared. The famous history article that Yemen is the cemetery of the invaders, you have proven a reality and you have repeated history as our fathers and grandfathers talked about as the graveyard of the invaders.

President al-Mashat referred to the latest political and security developments, and said, "We stand before you with the latest political and security developments at the level of our country, and we say that the events from their beginning until now have proven the correctness of our position when we chose it on the first day of the aggression against our country. The recent events proved the correctness of this position that we are in the position of right and defense of our country and the position of honor, pride and pride.

He reiterated that Yemen is not a danger to anyone.

He added, "We do not pose a danger to anyone except those who conspire against our country and we will pose a danger to it and it knows that".

He continued, "We celebrate under this flag, because it preserves the Republic for us, and it is the slogan of Yemeni unity, and we will redeem our country and our master with our lives as well."

He stated, "The real legitimacy is who we belong to and we derive our legitimacy from that pure blood that was shed in the temple of liberation and independence for our country, and this is a right of ours, which we will strive to achieve."

He added, "We are not looking for your legitimacy. Legitimacy comes from the country, its sons, and their sacrifices. Whoever thinks of tampering and swallowing our country, we will be a bone in his throat and a thorn in his eyes, and he will not be given the taste of life until he stops destroying and attacking our country."

He addressed the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers by saying, "Our Yemeni people are with you and bless your steps in everything that will adopt their right to a decent life. I remember on this occasion what our master and commander said that we will be ready, and we will advance this year with our army's legions."

He went on to say, "The legions of our army are in full readiness when I asked the members of society and all state institutions and everyone to be ready.

The President of the Supreme Political Council pointed out that the enemy is fighting in all political, social and economic fields. He said, "Our enemy is fighting in all fields, political, social, economic and many things, and it moves under many sectarian, ethnic and sectarian headings, but our people are immune from all these diseases."

He added, "In the recent period, we were briefed on the American plan for the coming days, and some of them touched the impact of what they call them, and I say here there are no slanderers, nor do they grieve of honor.

President al-Mashat stated, "The plan is open to us, and we will work to nullify it with regard to the countries of aggression."

The President of the Supreme Political Council concluded his speech by saying, “We have repeatedly advised and said that the cost of peace is much lower than the cost of war. When they reject the right of this people and prefer war against them despite the high cost, when they refrain from paying salaries from the people’s looted and stolen wealth, they prefer war over not delivering salaries. This people has the right and wealth, and they prefer war, despite its high cost.

resource : Saba


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