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Yemen Gas company renews condemnation of gas trailers detention taken to Mahweet
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Al-Ruwaishan stresses importance of intensifying efforts to maintain Sana'a Inte'l Airport campus
[28 June 2022]
Measures to protect citizens from dangers of fireworks in old city of Sana’a discussed
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  US-Saudi Aggression
Yemen's long-running tragedy must end as soon as possible: Bagheri
[28 June 2022]
Aggression forces commit 132 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[28 June 2022]
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  Revolution Leader
Leader of Revolution: the capital Sana'a is the capital of Yemen and the mother of all its people
Leader of Revolution: the capital Sana'a is the capital of Yemen and the mother of all its people
Leader of Revolution: the capital Sana'a is the capital of Yemen and the mother of all its people

SANA'A, Jun. 22 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, affirmed on Wednesday that the capital Sana'a is the capital of Yemen, its political center and the mother for all the people living in, and the national model for coexistence among the people of the country, and the back on which they rely in on confronting the aggression.

The Leader of the Revolution said in his speech during his meeting with the people of the capital Sana’a, “The meetings with the people of the provinces come to talk and remind the priorities in the current stage, and we are within the framework of the temporary truce, which we feared will have an impact on some and cause them a state of apathy and a lack of sense of responsibility.” .

He explained that Sana'a expresses the authenticity of this country and the faith identity of the Yemeni people since the first day when the Commander of the Faithful, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, came to read the message of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah blesses him and his family and grant them peace, who addressed to the people of Yemen, inviting them to Islam.

He mentioned that Sana'a has a distinguished and great history that expresses the authenticity of this people and their freedom to confront the enemies in all stages of the foreign invasion, and in this time and stage it was present with greater, stronger and more solid than it has been throughout history.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that since the beginning of the aggression, Sana'a has been a primary target of the enemies in targeting it at the military level with intensive bombing that targeted infrastructure, public interests, service facilities, residential neighborhoods, markets and population centers on various religious and social occasions, and many of their most heinous crimes against the country were in the capital Sana’a.

He pointed out that the enemies targeted Sana'a intensely with internationally prohibited weapons and in all forms of targeting with the aim of occupying it.

He said, "They had ambitions to occupy Sana'a and prepared large military campaigns for this, and allocated billions of dollars, huge equipment and intense air coverage to achieve their goals and ambitions. These are comprehensive campaigns on the media level, economic and living restrictions, psychological and propaganda war, and all they could do, but they reached a conviction that Sana'a is far from their hopes, saying “Sana’a is far away, Tell him/them Riyadh is closer.”

He added, "They used to say that they are forty kilometers from the capital Sana'a, but they were forty thousand kilometers farther from it, because it is fortified by reliance on Allah and trust in Him and the believers who start from a point of faith, and fortified with high awareness and a sense of responsibility among its children, residents, and those coming to it from among the free sons of the homeland. Those who possessed awareness were not enough to defeat the enemies, pointing out that among the enemies’ plots were to bring down the capital from the inside, as they had planned in the December strife, which fell, thanks to Allah Almighty, and the help of this people and the insight and awareness it carries.

He pointed out that the aggression targeted the capital with intense bombing, leading to an attempt to displace its residents in the last stages before the truce was declared, as they were launching propaganda campaigns before the bombings that they would bomb a specific area in order to pressure the population to displace them, and when they despaired of bringing down the capital with all their conspiracies and plans, they turned to tightening. its people more, but they failed in all of that.

He added, "At the security level, a large part of the enemy's conspiracies was represented in committing crimes against security and targeting the people, especially the capital, Sana'a, and there were many plans for bombings in the streets and gatherings and targeting citizens."

The Leader of the Revolution indicated that, with the grace of Allah and the success of the security men and the security and intelligence apparatus, many of the conspiracies of the enemies to target the people of the capital Sana’a failed, and revealed many conspiracies and schemes, and the cells that were commissioned by the coalition of aggression to carry out those crimes, which were revealed in the means of the national media, some of which were not announced for security reasons.

He stated that the aggression used the economic war and was keen to reach every home to bring the Yemeni people to their knees and bring them to the stage of collapse, but they shocked the steadfastness of the people of the country.

He pointed out that there are major campaigns for which they have harnessed billions, political and international cover, and media campaigns, in addition to trying to upset the interior and move their horns, but Allah weakened their plot and eventually reached complete failure.

He indicated that the enemy targeted the capital and the rest of the provinces with a soft war within the war it is waging on the moral and intellectual level, and was seeking to establish networks of prostitution and theft in an organized manner to annoy and restrict citizens and disrupt the security services.

Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi pointed out that the enemy launched a fierce war through the media and social networking sites with tremendous activity to target ideas, values, determination and pride, and in the first place targeting young people who move in various tasks, but they failed to a large extent, stressing that the enemies were shocked by the steadfastness of this people, his sacrifices and patience stemmed from faith.

He said, "Whatever the might of the enemies, their capabilities, the size of their plots, the level of their tyranny and their criminality against us, cannot lead us to collapse and submit to them."

He stressed that the enemies who bet on achieving their goals within two weeks to two months reached the eighth year and were filled with despair and became in the heart of themselves acknowledging their defeat.

He indicated that the day the enemies bet on America for their victory, the results were the opposite of what they wanted, while the Yemeni people were able to overcome challenges and dangers and achieved lots of victories.

He added, "We are a people that trusts in Allah, and therefore we cannot be broken in front of material comparisons."

He stressed that the Yemeni people are neither easy prey nor an easy prey, and they have to understand this fact after these years in which they tried all their machinations and means of criminality.

The Leader of the Revolution stated that the coalition of aggression is moving from failure to failure, and as long as the Yemeni people remain dependent on Allah and rise to their responsibility, Allah will not fail them. He said, "The enemies target us with propaganda in the media and social media to mislead about the facts."

He added, "The enemies are trying to distance us from the faith identity, strip us of the most important moral element and accept the enemies and the occupation, and nothing provokes us against them, as happens in the occupied areas where they commit the most heinous crimes against citizens, the latest of which is the rape of girls in Hays."

He stressed that the greatest disaster and greatest corruption lies in the enemies' control over the country, because their control means subjugating the country to America and Israel, and transforming Yemen into an environment open to Satan and his allies. Therefore, there is no priority equal to the priority of confronting them.

He added, "When some take any problem, defect, individual practice, or behavioral error as an opportunity to stir up sedition, inflame public opinion and distract people from what the enemies do of terrible things and represents an absolute danger to the country, then he is either a trumpet of their horns or a fool who does not have insight."

He pointed out that the correct way to fix the imbalances is to address them in a practical manner within the framework of enjoining good and exhorting the truth, and combating corruption and not at the expense of major issues such as the fate of a people, pointing out that if some people have a personal problem, it makes it a public issue because they see only themselves, and their illusion.
Therefore, it is necessary to set priorities with a balance of wisdom and move according to them responsibly.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed the importance of addressing imbalances and grievances seriously and in a brotherly manner, as long as our greatest priority remains confronting aggression, pointing out the importance of everyone remaining on alert and permanent readiness to confront challenges and confront all forms of targeting in all fields and fronts, whether in the military or security fields in the media, intellectual, economic and social fields, stressing that the enemies target all elements of the moral strength of the Yemeni people.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed the importance of continuing mobilization, recruitment, all forms of readiness, and maintaining morale and readiness in all cases.

He pointed out that one of the important things that must remain, be strengthened and be more organized is the concern for social solidarity and the poor, cooperation in righteousness and piety, attention to the weak in the health and food aspect and basic needs in life, and concerted efforts between official and popular authorities in organizing the process of social solidarity.

He stressed the importance of continuing cooperation between citizens and the security services, to enhance stability and thwart the plans of the enemies, noting that one of the most dangerous plots targeting the capital Sana'a, was revealed by a conscious child who informed the security services of the most dangerous criminal elements that entered the capital to target citizens.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed the importance of cooperating with the security services in the Ministry of Interior and the Security and Intelligence Service to maintain security stability, indicating that shooting at social events is a wrong behavior that threatens people's lives, and official and popular cooperation must be made to address it.

He stated that firing shots is one of the behaviors that society must adopt in cooperation with the official side because it turns wedding occasions into sorrow.

He stressed the importance of cooperation in solving social issues and addressing organized crime, since cooperation is the basis of success and gives effectiveness to address all dangers that target society.

He called for cooperation with the official side with regard to urban planning and caution against random construction, indicating that there is urban activity, whether in the capital or the provinces, but most of it is random and represents a problem in the future in front of the service, organizational and infrastructure aspects, and there must be awareness activity in this the side.

He pointed out that there is a population density in the capital and there is an opportunity to transform this gathering into a product and a factor to achieve economic renaissance.

He stressed the importance of cooperation between official authorities, the private sector and society, in creating a productive economic activity to employ the workforce.

He said, "Our people, who were able to produce ballistic missiles, which American weapons were unable to confront, can manufacture many things that can be produced in the country."

The Leader of the Revolution stressed the importance that the official authorities’ relationship with the merchant and the citizen be positive to serve the country, and that everyone should invest the money that goes abroad in the country.

He pointed out that the trend towards high-quality local production will address many of the living problems and work to improve sources of income and provide the necessary needs.

He urged cooperation in the matter of the cleanliness of the capital and increasing the effort between citizens and official bodies, stressing the need for official authorities to pay attention to their duties towards citizens in all positions of responsibility.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Leader of the Revolution expressed the hope that faith values would be embodied in the actions and morals of officials and their awareness that the position of responsibility is the position of serving the people.

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