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Aggression continues to violate Hodeida ceasefire truce

Aggression continues to violate Hodeida ceasefire truce


PROVINCES, Jun. 23 (Saba) - The aggression forces continued on Wednesday to violate the ceasefire agreement on Hodeida province, a military official said.

Two citizens were injured by shelling on Sa'ada, while warplanes carried out 29 raids on 3 provinces in the past 24 hours, said the official.

The forces of aggression committed 92 violations, including the establishment of combat fortifications in al-Durayhimi, 7 violations by artillery shelling of 82 shells and 73 violations of various gunshots, said the official.

The violations included 4 raids of spy flights on al-Faza and the flight of 9 spy planes in the atmosphere of Al-Mandhar, al- Durayhimi and al-Jabaliya.

The official confirmed that two citizens were injured by Saudi artillery shelling on the area of Al-Raqw in the border district of Munabeh in Sa'ada province, while rocket and artillery shelling targeted various areas of the border district of Razeh.

The aggression launched a raid on Kahlan, east of Sa'ada city.

According to the official, the aggression warplane carried out 21 raids on Serwah district and 6 raids on the Raghwan district.

The warplane was targeted by an airstrike al-Khanjar area of Khab Washa'af district in Jawf province.


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