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President opens National Dialogue Conference

President opens National Dialogue Conference


br> SANA’A, March 18 (Saba)- President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi ,Head of the National Dialogue Conference ,opened on Monday morning at the Presidential House the National Dialogue Conference.

The National Dialogue Conference, which is held under the slogan “ By dialogue, we make future”, will take place over the next six months and represents an important historic event in the modern history of Yemen.

The formation of the conference consists of 565 members, who represent the various components, including the political parties, youths, women, independents , civil society organizations, southern movement and Houthis.

The conference will discuss through its plenary sessions and working groups nine issues, including the issues of South and Sada and issues of the national dimension such as the issues of displaced persons and the recovery of looted funds and lands, as well as the issues of national reconciliation, transitional justice , the state-building, good governance, and the foundations of building the army and security and their roles, in addition to the independence of bodies and rights and freedoms.

The conference will also discuss issues relating to the comprehensive and sustainable development, and special social and environmental issues, and the formation of a committee to draft a constitution and prepare guarantees for the implementation of the outputs of the dialogue.



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