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Three al-Qaeda terrorists killed in Marib, two others seized in Taiz

Three al-Qaeda terrorists killed in Marib, two others seized in Taiz


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SANA'A, March 17 (Saba)- Three terrorists of al-Qaeda militants have been killed and others injured in an attack carried by them on a security point in Safer area of Marib province, an official source at the Interior Ministry reported on Thursday.

Three soldiers were killed and three other wounded in the attack, the source said.

The source explained that two cars carrying a number of al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the soldiers while taking lunch, and the soldiers confronted them killing three of them and wounded others and seized a car belonging to them.

The second vehicle managed to escape, carrying a number of the al-Qaeda elements injured in this attack, the source pointed out noting that the security services kept the bodies of al-Qaeda deaths for examination and verification of their identities.

The security services are pursuing the second car to catch whom on its board and bring them to justice, the source added.

On another hand, the source stated that the security services in Taiz province seized a leader in charge of al-Qaeda's media Khalid Saeed Batarfi and another person belonging to al-Qaeda , called Ahmed Omar Abduljalil al-Khadebi while heading for the sit-in square in Safer area in the city of Taiz.

Materials and instructions for making explosives ,a computer, grenade, an automatic gun, and GSM phone cards were found in possession of Batarfi and al-Khadebi, the source said.

The source added that al-Khadebi tried to escape but he was arrested by the security men.

Batarfi is one of the al-Qaeda senior leaders, and beside his responsibility of media he is also responsible for leadership of the al-Qaeda military wing in the southern provinces of Abyan and Baidha'a. He is responsible for several terrorist attacks have been carried out by the al-Qaeda in Hadramout and Abyan provinces and other provinces during the last period.



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