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Dialogue panel meets with sit-inners at Sana'a University

Dialogue panel meets with sit-inners at Sana'a University


SANA'A, March 05 (Saba) - Prime Minister Ali Mujawar along with the President Saleh's hand-picked ministerial panel in charge of holding dialogue with the youths conducting a sit-in at Sana'a University met on Saturday with the representatives of the sit-inners.

The panel heard the voice of the youths, who discussed their issues and challenges facing them including those limiting the use of their abilities in political, economic and social issues.

They also expressed their view towards the initiative President Saleh has recently offered for political reforms and his orders including forming a fund to help college graduates to get jobs and the order to employ 25 per cent of the graduates registered at the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance until 2010.

Mujawar talked to the youths, pointing to the big attention President Saleh gives to them, and the interest of President Saleh in developing their role in serving the country and meeting their aspirations.

He reviewed challenges and dangers facing Yemen at this turning point, saying all in the country topped by the youths should work together to develop Yemen, warning of various dangers threatening Yemen's stability, security and unity as he stressed the youths should be aware of such dangers to face them positively.

"There are scenarios prepared in advance to exploit the current situation with many flags seen during protests including those of the pre-unity southern republic and imamate republic, in bids to separate and destroy Yemen," he said.

The course of reforms is going ahead as the government is determined to implement economic reforms and develop the political system through constitutional amendments that aim to improve the electoral system, establish a two-chamber system, affirm the role of the women and promote administrative and financial decentralization, added Mujawar.

The government is fully aware of the issues of the youths and is interested in addressing them, particularly enabling them to get jobs, he said, adding that the youths have the right to express themselves and their issues with freedom and that their demands are legal but meeting them should be through peaceful means.

"The youths should seek clear means and good approaches to help translate their aspirations into reality in the way which leads to a positive dialogue".

In their talks with the panel, the youths urged to fix the contract employees, establish programmes to develop the youths awareness and enable them to contribute to developing their country.

Furthermore, they said the Yemeni people should get better healthcare and educational services; administrative, methodological, and educational disorders should be addressed; and the recently regrettable events in some cities should be investigated.

"Some political forces are exploiting our sit-in and trying to use it for political purposes ignoring the goal for which we have come here which is to send a message to the leadership," they said, urging to accelerate the implementation of the presidential orders over their employment.

In his interaction to the remarks of the youths, Mujawar highlighted unemployment, saying this problem will not be tackled through sit-ins, but through dialogue and providing a safe environment for investors.

"We welcome that youths participate in the employment committees to ensure transparency during the employment process," he said, pointing to the thousands of corruption issues turned over to judiciary within the efforts to fight corruption.

Hundreds of millions of Yemeni riyals have been recovered from corrupt cases and the government is very determined to tackle all administrative disorders and scrutinize social security issues, he told the youths.

At the end, a communication team with the other protesting youths including the ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Education and the youths' representatives was announced. The team will receive proposals of the sit-inners for addressing various challenges topped by unemployment.


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