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Vice President inspects some Aden districts

Vice President inspects some Aden districts


ADEN, Feb. 27 (Saba) - Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi paid on Sunday visits to a number of zones and districts in Aden governorate.

Hadi began his visits in Mo'alla district, where he got acquainted from the local council members with the problems resulted from the last days' demonstrations, particularly on Friday and Saturday. They said that the most of the anarchy and sabotage acts have been committed by a group from the opposition party "Islah".

During the meeting, the Vice President directed to approve the employment list specified for the district as well as adopting a number of related-employment requirements.

Hadi then toured Khor Maksar, al-Tawahi and al-Buraiqah districts and was briefed by the districts' local councils' members on the districts' needs.

The employment issue for many technical and vocational posts to alleviate unemployment and reducing poverty was topped these districts needs.

He charged to accelerate announce a tender for putting up the building for al-Tawahi local council as well as establishing a technical and vocational institute.

Furthermore, Hadi directed Aden refinery administration to allocate 300 job opportunities in various areas for al-Buraiqah district according to the district's need.



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