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Romans Named Yemen

Romans Named Yemen


The Romans were the first to name Yemen" Arabia Flex" -Arabia - the ' blessed' or ' happy'. They did so because of the wealth of goods (most importantly frankincense) which sprang from its shores. But the name has stuck because it has been fitting so many other ways-not least for the incomperabale heritage, from the great Sabaean civilizations to the current days, as well as the immense natural beauty of the land itself.

Sana'a stands today the largest continuously inhabited city in the world, and one whose unique heritae has been assiduously conserved. We look forward to welcoming visitors from accross the world on the occasion of Sana'a accession to the role of Cultural Capital of the Arab world 2004. During the course of this important year, they will have the opportunity to share in this heritage and learn more about this remarkable city and country of which it is capital.
From The Jewel of Arabia.

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