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Human Rights Ministry blames Saudi-led coalition for crimes in Aden

Human Rights Ministry blames Saudi-led coalition for crimes in Aden


SANA’A, Nov. 18 (Saba) - The Human Rights Ministry held Saudi-led aggression coalition states responsible for the crimes and violations they commit directly or through supporting terrorist groups in Aden province and in occupied provinces.

In a statement, which was issued on Wednesday, the ministry called the United Nations and all its various organizations to assume responsibility towards all crimes and violations committed against Yemeni people in general and against the people of Aden province and the southern provinces in particular.

The statement pointed out that terrorist groups perpetrated suicide bombings and assassinations in Aden and other provinces with encouragement and support of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and the last of which was the suicide attack against soldiers at the headquarters of Institutions Guarding in al-Mansoura district that killed six and injured 25 others.

“Growing of terrorist and criminal acts under the Emirati occupation and the aggression coalition states in the southern and northern Yemeni provinces had led to losing all human rights therein,” the ministry said.

The ministry urged representatives of the United Nations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and international organizations operating in Yemen to pay field visits to get acquainted with the brutality of the crimes committed by the aggression coalition states and their mercenaries and armed terrorist groups.

It also called, in its statement, on the international community to stop supporting the armed groups and respect the sovereignty of Yemen in accordance with the rules and provisions of the United Nations’ Charter and international and regional conventions and charters.

The ministry renewed the call for the formation of an independent and impartial international commission to investigate all violations and crimes committed by the aggression against the people of Yemen.


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