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Presidential decree issued to grant general amnesty

Presidential decree issued to grant general amnesty


SANAA, Sept. 21 (Saba) – President Saleh al-Sammad of the Supreme Political Council on Tuesday issued decree No. 15 for 2016 for granting general amnesty.

The decree was ordered to be published in the official gazette as following:

For giving an opportunity to Yemeni nationals who involved in supporting and serving the Saudi aggression and its allies against Yemen, to return back to the homeland and re-enjoy full rights of peace and public life to share in re-building the country.

And for reasons of the country's higher interest, the President of the Supreme Political Council decides:

Article (1) - Granting comprehensive amnesty to those, whether civilians or affiliated military individuals, who took part by word or practical action in supporting the aggression by Saudi Arabia against Yemen since March 26, 2015, but under the following conditions:

- Whoever corrects his stance, renounces the aggression by word or action and return back to the homeland within two months of this decree's date.

- Whoever returns to his home by his own choice, renouncing fighting alongside the aggression before the issuance of this decree.

- Whoever renounces battling alongside the enemy and join the ranks of the national army and popular committees.

- All arrested on charges of backing the aggression, during the issuance of the decree, once he presents a pledge to act in good behaviour and rejects the aggression or supporting it.

Article ( 2): All specific categories in the previous article enjoy the benefits of the general amnesty that allows them to exercise full their civil and political rights in accordance to the Constitution and laws.

Also they will not be prosecuted or sued and all charges before decree would be dismissed against them in one fell swoop.

Article ( 3): The amnesty will not include those who provoked the aggression against Yemen.

- Or those who committed crimes against the humanity and help providing GPS coordinates to hit Yemeni people and infrastructure.

- Or anyone who committed or associated with committing terrorist crimes.

- Or anyone committed crimes of looting and attacking families.

- Or prisoners who escaped during the aggression or before.

- Or anyone arrested while he was fighting in the ranks of the aggression after the expire of amnesty period specified in the Article (1) of this decree.

Article (4): This amnesty does not preclude the rights of citizens from prosecuting those granted amnesty from suing them in case of any relating crimes against any of the citizens.

Article (5): Those granted amnesty should come to reception committees formed by the political council to obtain official document that states their right situation, secures their lives, and keeps avoiding them from exposing to future legal interrogation.


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