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National delegation meets Kuwaiti FM

National delegation meets Kuwaiti FM


KUWAIT, June 30 (Saba) – The national delegation met on Thursday in Kuwait with the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.

In the meeting, the national delegation demanded to put an end to the arbitrary decisions by Riyadh’s delegation in the economic file, refusing using this paper as a means to pressure on the national delegation in the consultations.

In this regard, the national delegation stressed the need to lift the blockade imposed by the aggression forces on all Yemen.

The national delegation confirmed its return to the consultations on the limited time to continue the talks to reach a lasting and comprehensive solution.

The delegation explained that the vision and debates have become clear for the executive authority in the presidency institution, government and the military and security committee and all what relating to the guarantees.

The Kuwait minister hailed the efforts made by the national delegation during the past two months in the consultations.

He pointed to the importance of exploiting the 15-day break to make further consultations and return to complete them on July 15.

Al-Subah expressed his hope for the commitment of the parties to firm up the ceasefire, confirming that the State of Kuwait will do its best to conduct further communications during the 15-day period after the return of the delegations to the next stage of the consultations.



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