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[04 December 2023]
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[04 December 2023]
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[05 December 2023]
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[28 November 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
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[30 November 2023]
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Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 23
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Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 9
[09 November 2023]
Al-Bayda Governorate turns green to celebrate Prophet’s birthday
Al-Bayda Governorate turns green to celebrate Prophet’s birthday
Al-Bayda Governorate turns green to celebrate Prophet’s birthday

BAYDA September 24. 2023 (Saba)-Al-Bayda Governorate is covered in green day and night, with light shining from minarets the mosques, facilities and homes in celebration of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

With the advent of the Prophet’s birthday, Al-Bayda Governorate is witnessing a wide movement through celebrations, holding various events, and highlighting manifestations of joy on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

As soon as the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal arrives, the cities, neighborhoods and streets take on a new look of green, and government buildings are decorated with green flags and light panels that reflect the preparation to commemorate the birth of the Guide.

Green flags and light panels hang on the roofs of citizens’ homes and shops, emphasizing the greatness of the occasion among the people of the governorate and the extent of their connection to the Noble Messenger.

Al-Bayda Governorate is witnessing cultural events, activities, evenings and seminars, in the governorate center and directorates, to commemorate this religious occasion in a scene dominated by initiative, participation and great interaction of the various groups and components of society.

At the popular level, events, evenings and seminars are held daily in various regions of the governorate to celebrate the birth of the beloved Prophet.

Various schools in the governorate also witnessed events and school broadcasts to introduce the prophetic biography of the Great Messenger with the aim of instilling his morals and values in the souls of generations.

On the official side, meetings were previously held for the governorate’s leadership, executive offices, sheikhs and notables of the governorate to discuss the central celebration plan and make the necessary arrangements befitting the greatness of this occasion.

The manifestations of the celebration of this religious occasion are accompanied by awareness programs, central and local meetings to mobilize the activities and events of the occasion, and the establishment of field committees, education, and mobilization to make the events a success.

Activities celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger of God are characterized by various manifestations in various directorates and include songs and poems in love with the Prophet during evenings and events.

The educational sector constitutes a model for events, activities, and broadcasts for this occasion, with the aim of instilling the great values and morals brought by the Messenger of God in the souls of generations.

The Governor of Al-Bayda, Abdullah Idris, expressed the pride of the Yemeni people in holding celebratory events and activities on the occasion of the birth of the Noble Messenger, which is an extension of the Yemenis’ support for the Messenger, may God’s prayers, and their close connection with the Prophet of the nation.

He explained that the Yemeni people have the right to continue their honorable role since the dawn of the Islamic call in celebrating the birth of the Prophet.

Governor Idris referred to the activities, seminars and meetings carried out by the official offices in conjunction with community activities that express the importance of the occasion and the people of Al-Bayda’s celebration of it.

He emphasized the growing community awareness in celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, indicating that Al-Bayda Governorate has been at the forefront of this celebration since ancient times.

He touched on the interaction of all the governorate’s directorates, as well as the directorates liberated from Takfiri elements, and the participation of their people in the events and activities of the Prophet’s Birthday.

Celebrating this occasion was considered a great honor for the Yemenis and a blessing from God to the descendants of the Ansar, especially while the Yemeni people are fighting a fateful battle with the tyrants of the era, America and Israel, and their agents.


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