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  US-Saudi Aggression
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  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression coalition on March 30
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression coalition on March 30
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression coalition on March 30

SANA'A March 30. 2023 (Saba) - The US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition warplanes had committed horrific massacres against the displaced, targeting homes and public and private property in a number of provinces on March 30.

On March 30, 2015, 40 civilians were killed and 250, most of them women and children, were injured in raids on the camps of the displaced in al-Mazrak area in Haradh district of Hajjah province .

On March 30, 2016, the aggression warplanes launched four raids on DhuBab city in Taiz province while the mercenaries of the aggression burned al-Amal Company for Roads and Bridges in al-Nour city in the province. The hostile warplanes of the aggression targeted al-Wahbiya and Nati’ areas in Bayda province and also launched two raids on al-Matun and al-Maslub districts in Jawf province. The aggression threw light bombs on Medi district in Hajjah.

On this day of the same year, five citizens were injured in a series of raids launched by the aggression’s warplanes on residential neighborhoods on the 60th Street, northern Taiz, which also damaged dozens of homes, public facilities, and roads. The aggression also launched a series of raids on al-Dhabab and al-Rubaie areas and the main road in al-Dhakara junction in Taiz. The aggression launched a raid on al-Qabaita district in Lahj province and two raids on al-Subaha area in Bani Matar district, Sana’a province, which caused damage to citizens’ homes and property.

In 2017, three citizens and a woman were killed in artillery shelling of the Saudi enemy targeting al-Raqu market in the border district of Munabeh in Sa'ada. A citizen was also killed and another was injured in a raid by the aggression’s warplanes that targeted Mocha intersection in Mawza'a district in Taiz. The hostile aircraft targeted three raids on citizen farms in Wadi al-Kharid in al-Matma district in Jawf, and six raids southern al-Amri and Hawzan in al- Dhabab district in Taiz, and launched a raid on al-Matar area in Serwah district in Marib, and a raid on the Habajer family in Sahar district in Sa'ada.

On March 20, 2018, a farmer was killed in two raids by the aggression’s warplanes on a farm in al-Tuhaita district and the aggression’s warplanes launched two raids on a citizen’s farm in al-Jarrahi district, and nine raids on districts of al-Zahra and al-Qanaws in Hodeida and seven raids on the Bani Qais district and ten raids on the districts of Haradh and Medi in Hajjah, and launched a raid on al-Maslub district in Jawf.

12 citizens were killed and injured in Sa'ada province as a woman was killed in a raid by the aggression’s warplanes on al-Maqash area near Sa'ada city and a citizen was killed in a raid targeting Talan area in Haydan district in Sa'ada. Three citizens, including a woman and a child, were killed in a raid on their house in Ghaferh area in al-Zahir district. The aggression warplanes launched six raids on Baqim district, injuring six citizens. A child was also injured and a house was damaged in a raid on Sewar al-Asfal in Bani Maeen area of Razih district.

The aggression warplanes launched a raid on al-Qad area in Razih district, a raid on al-Asha area in Sahar district, and a raid on al-Suh area in Ketaf district in Sa'ada. The aggression warplanes also hit with three raids on Alaf and al-Ammar areas and the agricultural nursery in Sa'ada. The Saudi missile and artillery bombardment targeted separate areas in the border districts of Munabeh, Razih and Sheda in the same province.

In 2019, two citizens were killed and a third was injured in a raid on a citizen’s house in al-Dhaher village in Bani Hassan area in Abs district of Hajjah.The hostile warplanes hit with nine raids separate areas in Nehm district in Sana’a province which caused damage to the homes and farms of the citizens .

On March 30, 2020, the aggression warplanes launched 19 raids on the Military College, Attan, al-Nahdin, al-Dailami base, al-Hafa and the TV station areas in the capital Sana'a, including six raids targeting horse stables in the Military College, killing ahorse breeder and wounding two and killing 70 purebred Arabian horses and injuring 30 other horses.

On this day, the aggression warplanes also launched two raids on Jarban area in Sanhan district in Sana'a, two raids on Harf Sufyan district in Amran, seven raids on al-Hazm city in Jawf, and six raids on Majzar district in Marib.

In Hodeidah province, the aggression warplanes launched three raids on al- Mansari city in al-Hali district, four raids northwest al-Shaab city, two raids on al-Hajar in al-Salif areas and two raids northern al-Jah area in Bayt al-Faqih district. The aggression warplanes hit with three raids water wells on Kamaran Island and a raid on communication towers on the island. He artillery shelling of the forces of aggression targeted separate areas in Kilo 16th area and al-Dahfash village on the outskirts of al-Durayhimi city and the homes and farms of citizens in al-Shajan village.

A man and a child were wounded by Saudi army fire in a village in Razih district in Sa'ada, and villages in the same district were subjected to Saudi missile and artillery bombardment. The aggression warplanes launched a raid on Sa'ada axis camp northern Sa'ada city and two raids on al-Hasama area in al-Zahir district and two raids on al-Razamat area in al-Safra district in Sa'ada

On March 30, 2021, a citizen was killed when the mercenaries of the aggression opened fire on his house in al-Tuhaita, and a citizen was injured in artillery shelling by the mercenaries on al-Baghil area, north of Hays district in Hodeida, while the aggression warplanes launched four raids on Haradh district in Hajjah, and 17 raids on Serwah district, and four raids on Madghal district in Marib province.

On the same day of the year 2022, five citizens were injured in a Saudi missile and artillery bombardment on Sheda district in Sa'ada. The spy aircraft of the aggression coalition launched three raids on al-Hidd area in Lahj.

The mercenaries of the aggression targeted, with missile strikes, army sites in al-Lajma, al-Akd, and Haylan in Marib, Bani Hassan area in Hajjah and al-Suh in Sa'ada. They also targeted, with artillery shelling, citizens’ property and army positions in al-Balq al-Sharqi, al-Akd, Dhana, Raghwan, and al-Kassara in Marib and Baqim, Ramadhan Square, Masa’ib Square, al-Mazariq, Bab al-Ramah and Ketaf in Sa'ada, and western Haradh in Hajjah. The army sites were targeted in al-Jadafer, al-Labanat, al-Rayyan, al-Alam in Jawf, and al-Dhabab front in Taiz. The site of Aqil and the village of Thaila in Lahj were bombed by the mercenaries of the aggression.


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