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Fisheries Ministry condemns attacks on fishermen on Arabian Sea coasts & Gulf of Aden
[08 June 2023]
Laboratory medicine conference concluded in Sana'a
[08 June 2023]
This evening... Launch of "Slaves of America kidnap civilians" tweet campaign
[08 June 2023]
Ambassador Hajar meets UN Humanitarian Coordinator & UNICEF Representative in Yemen
[08 June 2023]
Workshop in Capital on Inte'l Humanitarian Law concluded
[08 June 2023]
Russian official: US wants to dominate world
[08 June 2023]
Palestinian youth injured & others arrested during enemy raid on Araba town
[08 June 2023]
Zionist enemy vehicles incursion into border area of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza Strip
[08 June 2023]
Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns law of enemy, perpetuates settlement & Judaization
[08 June 2023]
IAEA: We will continue to inspect the Zaporizhzhia plant until situation in its vicinity stabilizes
[08 June 2023]
Tanumah.. The most heinous, bloody crime of Saudi regime
[08 June 2023]
Entesaf Organization: Eight thousand, 218 children killed, injured since start of aggression
[04 June 2023]
Implementation of road projects with self-initiatives with length of 14 km in Hajjah province
[04 June 2023]
Eight years of aggression targeting women & children
[02 June 2023]
Saudi Arabia &UAE are at countries forefront committing war crimes, human rights violations & practice of slavery in 2023
[01 June 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
47 Aggression Forces violations in Hodeida during past 24 hours
[08 June 2023]
Fisheries Ministry condemns attacks on fishermen on Arabian Sea coasts & Gulf of Aden
[08 June 2023]
American-Saudi aggression crimes on June 8
[08 June 2023]
More than 100 violations of aggression forces in Hodeida over past hours
[07 June 2023]
Woman & Child killed, another injured by aggression remnants exploding in Hodeida
[07 June 2023]
Bombing Al-Nour neighborhood
Bombing Al-Nour neighborhood "Bani Hawat" was first brutal crime of aggression against Yemenis
Bombing Al-Nour neighborhood "Bani Hawat" was first brutal crime of aggression against Yemenis

SANA'A March 27. 2023 (Saba)- From Al-Nour neighborhood in Bani Hawat area of capital’s secretariat, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition began its brutal crimes against the Yemeni people after midnight on Thursday, March 26, 2015, leaving dozens of victims, most of them children and women.
A complete war crime that confirmed brutality and barbarity of the aggression countries from the first moment of their unjustified aggression against Yemen, and their intentional targeting of children, women and civilians in their homes, thus transgressing all limits, values, morals, customs and even international humanitarian law that criminalizes targeting civilians or any civilian objects.
Al-Nour neighborhood, like other popular neighborhoods in the capital, Sana'a, includes dozens of close residential houses inhabited by hundreds of Yemenis who, like other residents of the capital, were surprised by the intense flight of the aggression, coinciding with the sounds of loud explosions in different areas that woke all the residents from their sleep, before everyone was shocked by the truly horrific massacre. Eight families, most of them women and children.
The massacre, according to official statistics, resulted in the killing of (29) civilians, including (15) children and five women, and the injuring of (43) others, including (13) children and (10) women, and the total destruction of (14) houses and (16) cars. Severe damage to more than (43) houses.
Many Yemenis did not expect that the aggression countries would be as audacious as targeting residential neighborhoods, just as they did not think that what happened in Bani Hawat was only the beginning of a series of heinous and wider crimes and massacres, which the aggression has persisted in committing over the past years.
The residents of Sana'a were not accustomed to such bombings or crimes, as the disaster was greater than what the citizen could imagine, and the calamity was greater than what a human mind could imagine. The body parts of children and women were scattered, the corpses piled up, blood spilled, and screams and groans pervaded the crime scene.
After everyone enjoyed calm and tranquility during the first hours of the night, the place suddenly and without warning turned into hell, body parts, blood, and excessive brutality, which revealed the extent of the hidden hatred that the leaders of aggression and its mercenaries have for Yemen and the Yemenis.
On the eighth anniversary of this heinous crime, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anis Al-Asbahi, considered the bombing of the "Bani Hawat" neighborhood a war crime, and a genocide for the children and women whose lives were claimed by the raids without mercy or pity together before he saw the world.
He explained that the extent of the damage caused to the houses, most of which were completely destroyed on the heads of their occupants, increased the horror of the psychological trauma of the neighborhood's residents and made those who survived live in a psychological state that cannot be easily overcome.
He stated that even the houses that are more than 2,000 meters away from the bombing site were severely damaged, and dozens of cars and a gas station were destroyed and burned, and the whole area turned into ruins, while everyone wonders why their neighborhood was targeted with such brutality.
Dr. Al-Asbahi confirmed that this heinous crime was documented by Human Rights Watch, which reviewed the crime data and the type of weapons used by the aggression coalition warplanes to target the neighborhood directly.
He called for the formation of an international and independent commission to investigate all the crimes, violations committed and still committed by the countries of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition in Yemen, and to refer the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court to receive their punishment.
He also called for the formation of a national committee to investigate all violations and crimes committed by the aggression coalition countries since the beginning of the aggression on March 26, 2015 AD, as well as activating the legal human rights file to limit all damages to all civilian objects, bodies, institutions and citizens as a result of the aggression and siege, and to prepare complete and comprehensive files as a prelude to submitting it to the national and international courts.
In her turn, the head of the Intsaf Organization for Women and Children's Rights, Somaya Al-Taifi, explained that the residents of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, were surprised after midnight on Thursday, corresponding to March 26, 2015, by an intense flight of the aggression's warplanes in the air, coinciding with hearing the sounds of strong explosions that sounded in different areas of the capital and woke all the residents from their sleep.
"Afterwards, it became clear through the media that Saudi Arabia had begun waging war on Yemen, and its warplanes targeted some residential neighborhoods and vital installations, including Sana'a International Airport, and bombed a residential neighborhood in Bani Hawat area, located near the airport," she said.
The head of the organization indicated that Al-Nour neighborhood in Bani Hawat area is a random neighborhood consisting of dozens of closely spaced residential homes inhabited by hundreds of citizens.
He pointed out that as a result of the neighborhood bombing, dozens of civilians were killed or injured, including a fetus in the ninth month.
Dozens were also injured, as they were pulled out from under the rubble and their injuries were serious.
Scenes of scattered body parts, charred corpses, and emaciated bodies will not be erased from memory ,will remain a stain on humanity and international organizations that turned a blind eye to the crimes of aggression against the children of Yemen and its use of internationally prohibited weapons against the Yemeni people.
Although eight years have passed since the crime of the aggression coalition against the people of Al-Nour neighborhood, this massacre and the massacres that followed it will remain a witness to the brutality and criminality of the leaders of this aggression and the regimes allied with them, and it cannot be lapsed by statute of limitations.

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