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  US-Saudi Aggression
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Southern Governorates Media Center reveals dangers of recent American move in occupied governorates
Southern Governorates Media Center reveals dangers of recent American move in occupied governorates
Southern Governorates Media Center reveals dangers of recent American move in occupied governorates

SANA'A March 09.2023 (Saba) - The media center for the southern governorates has revealed the dangers of the recent American move in the occupied southern governorates.

The center said in a report issued by it, a copy of which was received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), that America is trying to consolidate its military presence in the occupied southern governorates before reaching a peace agreement that ends the state of division in which the country has been living since the beginning of 2015. It explained that more than 20 US violations of national sovereignty were monitored in the occupied governorates during the period June 2022 - March 8, 2023, of which 12 military moves were the visits of military and security delegations to the governorates of Hadramout, Mahra and Shabwa.

The center indicated that seven violations during the same period were visits by the new US ambassador, Stephen Fagin, and a violation by the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Leander Kenig, who visited Shabwa governorate in the middle of last year, and held a meeting with the governor appointed by the coalition countries, Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaqi, in a gas facility in Balhaf in July of the same year.

The report indicated that the visit of the American envoy came in parallel with American-French moves to resume the crime of plundering Yemeni liquefied gas from Shabwa to reduce the gas crisis that hit European and American markets as a result of the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

According to the results of the monitoring, the visits of the US ambassador, during the past months of his appointment as ambassador to Yemen, exceeded the visits made by the former ambassadors to Washington, Matthew Toller, and then Christopher Henzel, who was monitored during his two visits to Mukalla accompanied by US security and intelligence delegations during the year 2019, and a visit to Al-Mahra Governorate, accompanied by the Saudi Ambassador, Muhammad Al Jaber, at the end of 2020.

Following his arrival, Henzel visited the headquarters of the American and British forces present at Al-Ghaydha airport, in addition to the movements of the Chargé d’Affairs at the American Embassy, Kathy Westley, at a time when the interventions of the former ambassadors of Washington in Yemen were limited to devoting the US military presence in the governorates of Al-Mahra, Hadramout, and supporting militias loyal to the countries of the aggression coalition, such as the Coast Guard in Hadramout and Mahra, the current US ambassador, Stephen Fagin, who was nominated by the administration of current US President Joe Biden, baptized On December 2, 2021, he was appointed US ambassador to Yemen, and assumed his duties in early June, to intervene in political, economic, security and military affairs in the occupied governorates.

The media center of the southern governorates considered the interventions of the new US ambassador a violation of diplomatic norms and a transgression of his duties and the imposition of Washington's tutelage on the decision and movements of the so-called members of the Presidential Council and the coalition government.

Over the past months, the interventions of the Washington embassy in the occupied governorates have expanded by opening channels of communication with the youth of Hadramout, in addition to repeating the movements of the American ambassador in the governorate accompanied by American military and intelligence delegations and holding multiple meetings with leaders of the local and military authorities in Mukalla.

The media center of the southern governorates monitored 12 American military movements of military delegations and American forces since the beginning of last year to Hadramout, Shabwa and Aden, under humanitarian pretexts, more than three American movements in the Directorate of Ghail Bawazir and the coastal areas of Al-Shihr, Fuwah and Brom in Hadramout, and a parade of US Navy personnel in the streets Al-Dabba and Al-Shihr during the third quarter of last year.

The media center pointed out the southern governorates, that Washington's provocative moves in the southern and oil governorates in particular are in line with the Saudi redeployment plan in those governorates, which until a year ago were the arena of a struggle for influence and control between the Saudi-Emirati aggression countries before America favored Riyadh over Abu Dhabi, whose influence has receded in Hadramout, the valley and the desert, and in the governorates of Mahra and Shabwa recently.

According to the map of the presence of the occupying US forces in the occupied provinces, dozens of US Marines are deployed in camps belonging to the coalition countries between the provinces of Hadramout and Mahra.

Private sources told the Media Center that the American presence in desert camps located within the scope of the Thamud districts of Hadramout and Ramah of Mahra was limited to training for coalition forces, which confirms that the military presence in Mahra is not limited to the military base of the Saudi-US occupation at Al-Ghaydah airport.

The suspicious movements of the US ambassador bypassed Hadramout to Mahra Governorate, which Stephen Fagin visited last Friday, accompanied by a US military delegation led by the Commander of the Central Command of the US Naval Forces, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, and the Commander of the US Fifth Fleet and the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), under the pretext of discussing regional maritime security efforts.

The report of the media center for the southern governorates said, “At the headquarters of the Saudi occupation forces, at Al-Ghaydha airport, which has been closed to the people of Mahra since 2018, the American military delegation held a meeting in the presence of the so-called Commander of the Coast Guard at the Ministry of Defense in the mercenary government called Khaled Al-Qumali, and hours after the meeting, the coasts of Mahra witnessed a spread of American and Saudi boats."

The report mentioned, according to private sources, that the visit of the American delegation, which was met with the discontent of the people of Mahra, came after summoning the US embassy in Yemen, which operates from the Saudi capital, “Riyadh,” the governor of Mahra in the mercenary government, Muhammad Ali bin Yasser, in late January, to assign him to implement American agendas in Mahra under more than one pretext, including combating smuggling.

In light of the escalating reactions against the deal to sell the port of Qishn to an Emirati company, informed sources confirmed to the Media Center in the southern governorates that there is an American rejection of any retreat from the deal to sell the port, which is located in a strategic area on the Arabian Sea.

The frequent visits of US ambassadors and military leaders to Mahra governorate reflected a shift in US interest in the province, after it was previously limited to meetings of ambassadors with successive governors of the province in Riyadh, without visiting the province.

The media center reported that the recent visit of the US ambassador, accompanied by a high-ranking military delegation, to Al-Ghaydha coincided with the Western media shedding light on the province and promoting British and American claims about artificial fears threatening maritime navigation.

The report pointed out that a new American-British colonial scheme was observed behind the media leaks, in which more than 17 news leaks were monitored, some of those news in which the British and American navies claim to have thwarted Iranian arms smuggling operations that were on their way to Sanaa, allegations that countries deliberately occupation to promote it.

The report of the Media Center for the Southern Governorates indicated that the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority had undertaken the task of raising concerns about the vulnerability of merchant ships to maritime piracy near the Yemeni coast in the south of the country, with the aim of imposing a permanent military presence for the US-British occupation countries in the regional and international waters.

According to the Monitoring and Analysis Department of the Southern Governorates Media Center, the visit of the US military delegation last week to Mahra coincided with the publication of US media reports alleging great threats to navigation in the Red Sea originating from the shores of the Yemeni governorate of Mahra.

The center confirmed, according to local sources, that the coalition forces smuggle crude oil from Shabwa through tankers to the coasts of Mahra overlooking the Arabian Sea, which the “coalition” forces use as alternative export ports for the main ports in Shabwa and Hadramout.

The report said, "A statement issued by the Central Command of the US Naval Forces indicated that the visit of a military delegation from its leaders to Mahra Governorate was for the purpose of discussing regional maritime security efforts and future opportunities to deepen bilateral and multilateral maritime cooperation."


resource : Saba


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