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Massive marches in Amran entitled “Our battle continues”
[19 April 2024]
Civil Defense calls for caution & following safety instructions as result of weather changes in neighboring countries
[19 April 2024]
Coffee cultivation experience in Saada
[19 April 2024]
Large crowds in 21 squares in Hodeida in solidarity with Palestinian people
[19 April 2024]
President Al-Mashat offers his condolences on death of Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Shara’i
[19 April 2024]
Three Palestinians were injured by live bullets during confrontations with enemy in Beita, south of Nablus
[19 April 2024]
New Zionist missile attack on Syria
[19 April 2024]
Demonstrations in Iran to denounce Zionist enemy's crimes against Palestinians
[19 April 2024]
American police arrest over 100 pro-Palestine students at Columbia University
[19 April 2024]
Tehran: American veto against granting Palestine full membership is irresponsible & unconstructive step
[19 April 2024]
Sana'a.. 50,000 visitors to tourism sites, dams on first & second days of Eid
[18 April 2024]
Al-Zanna area & Al-Amal neighborhood ambush. Evidence of Palestinian resistance ability to surprise & strike enemy
[18 April 2024]
Unique Eid atmosphere in Hajjah
[18 April 2024]
Yemen's pro-Palestine position is at forefront of Free participants discussion in Palestine Conference in capital, Sana'a
[17 April 2024]
Eid visits to fronts embody popular alignment with army to defend nation
[17 April 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
American-British aggression launch 12 raids on Hodeida
[11 March 2024]
American-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida
[20 February 2024]
Four citizens injured by explosion of leftover military ordnance in Marib
[19 February 2024]
9 raids of US-British aggression on governorates of Sana'a and Hajjah
[04 February 2024]
Sheikh Sabri warns of effects & damages of Zionist enemy's excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque
Sheikh Sabri warns of effects & damages of Zionist enemy's excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque
Sheikh Sabri warns of effects & damages of Zionist enemy's excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS February 07. 2023 (Saba) - The head of the Supreme Islamic Commission and the preacher of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, warned of the dangers and effects of the excavations carried out by the Zionist enemy under the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, which directly affect the main building in the mosque.

The news agency "Palestine Today" quoted Sheikh Sabri, in press statements, as saying: "These excavations, which the occupation is carrying out, are absurd and will not prove any right of the Jews in the city of Jerusalem, it has no benefit other than harming the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the historical endowment properties surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

And Jerusalemite sources announced yesterday evening that stones fell from the outside of the Dome of the Rock musalla in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a result of the enemy’s refusal to restore inside Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Sabri held the authorities of the Zionist enemy responsible for the damage that will be caused to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque as a result of the excavations it is carrying out at the bottom of the mosque, and the enemy has prevented the Jerusalem Endowments Department from carrying out restoration operations for the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Sabri continued, saying: "Al-Aqsa Mosque needs continuous restoration.

He explained that Al-Aqsa Mosque, based on its area of 144 dunums, needs maintenance on a daily basis.

Regarding the threats made by the extremist Jewish leaders, Sheikh Sabri stressed that the settlers' threats are not new.. He called on all Muslims to be wary and vigilant of any surprise that might happen from the extremist Jews in Al-Aqsa.

resource : Saba


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UPDATED ON :Fri, 19 Apr 2024 21:30:24 +0300