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Capital Sana'a organized vigils in support for armed forces' operations to protect sovereignty, stop plundering of wealth
[25 November 2022]
Protest vigils bless operations of armed forces to stop looting oil wealth
[25 November 2022]
"America kills Yemeni women" tweet campaign will launch this evening
[25 November 2022]
Minister of State Abu Nashtan condoles President Al-Mashat in martyrdom of his brother
[25 November 2022]
Revolution leader condoles President al-Mashat in martyrdom of his brother Mosleh
[25 November 2022]
Zionist killed, 22 injured, as result of double bombing in occupied Jerusalem (Al-Quds)
[23 November 2022]
Palestinian child killed during storming of Nablus
[23 November 2022]
Kremlin: Russia not seeking a ‘change of power’ in Kiev
[22 November 2022]
US downplays execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine
[22 November 2022]
Over 50,000 Palestinian Minors Detained by Israel enemy since 1967: PLO
[22 November 2022]
Hodeida is ready to welcome the tourist season in winter: Report
[17 November 2022]
Yemen in the face of the Soft War... Mass Weddings
[15 November 2022]
Yemenis Mark Prophet Muhammad’s Birth Anniversary in Massive Celebrations
[16 October 2022]
UN armistice and its legitimate entitlements: report
[02 October 2022]
Capital, Sana'a witnessed military, security parade, largest in history of region
[22 September 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 36 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[25 November 2022]
Aggression commits 18 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[24 November 2022]
Aggression commits 65 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[23 November 2022]
"Eye of Humanity" documents over 8,000 killed, injured children
[22 November 2022]
Aggression commits 28 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[22 November 2022]
UN armistice and its legitimate entitlements: report
UN armistice and its legitimate entitlements: report
UN armistice and its legitimate entitlements: report

SANA'A October 2.2022 (Saba) - The truce in Yemen, which entered into force on the 2nd of last April, under the auspices of the United Nations, represented the first breakthrough at the level of calming the war since its outbreak in 2015 and the aggression against the Yemeni people, which can be said that it has contributed, through its provisions, to alleviating the intensity of the fighting.

What is certain is that Sana'a’s acceptance of the truce came to confirm the sincere intention towards peace, but according to the specific terms and it is unreasonable to implement part of its terms and freeze the rest.

The truce contributed achieving relative calm in Yemen after more than seven years of war and aggression, which led to a decrease in the number of civilian casualties and the partial opening of flights to and from Sana'a International Airport, which allowed more than 8,000 citizens to obtain medical care services, continuing to study abroad and pursuing business. It also helped to obtain quantities of fuel and maintain the running of the public service.

The truce must be turned into a humanitarian act, away from misgivings and false warnings, and seriously striving to turn it into a political agreement.

The armistice has legitimate positive entitlements represented in the complete lifting the siege, a permanent ceasefire, and the payment of the employees' salaries who have been deprived of their salaries since September 2016, leading to a comprehensive and permanent political solution that achieves the desired goals of the armistice.

The truce course has gone out of its way and its return to its normal course requires the correct application of its terms representing in stopping the aggression, lifting the siege and paying the salaries of employees.

Hence, a legitimate question arises that does the extension of the truce pave the way for its consolidation, leading to an end to the state of war, and establish a mechanism for paying employees’ salaries, opening roads between provinces, increasing flights, opening new destinations, and the regular flow of fuel, food and medicine ships to the port of Hodeida .. Perhaps the coming days will reveal this? .


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