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Expired medicines enter Yemen under umbrella of United Nations

Expired medicines enter Yemen under umbrella of United Nations


SANA'A, Dec. 29 (Saba) - What is happening behind closed doors in terms of corruption deals to market expired medicines comes in conjunction with an inclusive siege imposed on the Yemeni people by the aggression with the consent of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations and the complicity of the international community that exploits the tragedy of peoples to achieve its interest.


While the process of the introduction of medicines that have been expired or near-expired, or even in terms of poor storage, is still going on, on the other hand, many are still affected by these medicines unless they are previously discovered by the security authorities.


Earlier, Hodeida province port authorities confiscated expired medicines belonging to World Health Organization (WHO), and specialized teams in Hodeida port customs and the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) in Hodeida branch sorted expired medicines belonging to WHO.


SCMCHA director in Hodeida Jaber al-Razehi said the container inspections have proven to be unusable and expired, adding it was decided to seize the containers and address WHO to re-export them to the country of origin.


Al-Razehi pointed out that among these containers, "16 containers of various types of medicines for chronic diseases, expired and imported to WHO accusing WHO of intentionally passing those medicines and other food through ports controlled by the aggression by leaving the for several months until they end or almost expired or spoiled then shipped to the port of Hodeida in order to harm  citizens.


A huge amount of millions of dollars is calculated as emergency aid to the Yemeni people, as part of the urgent interventions of UN organizations to help Yemenis suffering from accumulated crises due to the blockade and aggression against Yemen.


Head of the SCMCHA Abdul Mohsen Tawoos said WHO stores send medicines to Yemen after most of them have expired, indicating the issue of containers has major interference ... "there is a deliberate not to enter medicines by WHO."


Tawoos described the donors' conference for Yemen, which is called and hosted by Saudi Arabia early in early June a “scandal'', stressing that “all the numbers that were raised in the conference only crumbs reach Yemen.


Health employees in the districts of Dhubab and Mocha in Taiz province complained that one of the international humanitarian organizations operating on the West Coast provided expired and damaged medicines.


A media source confirmed that Family Health International (FHI) contracts with unknown pharmaceutical companies to supply some centers, but their arrival is usually days before their expiry, in behavior that revolves around vague suspicions of corruption.


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