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Report: America's protests are the product of a history of violence and crime‏

Report: America's protests are the product of a history of violence and crime‏


SANAA, June 9 (Saba) - Since its establishment before more than two hundred years on the land of the American Indians who have been exposed the largest murder and displacement in history by white immigrants and up to date, the United States has kept a bloody record and a bloody historical precedents stained with shame and blood.

The United States of America's civilization built on a series of invasions and occupations of many countries on various continents, The United States adopted invasion, killing and displacement, and plundering peoples' wealth, capabilities, and resources, it is in fact the United States' permanent strategy to reach the multiple tactics to conquer the other side.

The United States is a country without a history and a civilization that does not have positive contributions to the path of humanity. It is a country that relies on the use of the armed forces excessively to achieve its ambitions and interests, and does not recognize the sovereignty of other countries and their national peculiarities.

The history of the United States is full of protests and demonstrations against the racial discrimination, all of which are met with overpowering repression.

The United States has created hostilities for itself in many countries of the world due to its racist policies and the occupation, killing and looting in those countries.

The Arab region has had a large share of American crimes and the talk goes on, the American crimes are still expanding and extending in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and in the Arab Gulf region.

The United States of America has the largest role in a war against Yemen, the United States is responsible for killing thousands of Yemenis, destroying their country, and displacing people and increasing their suffering.

The United States is also responsible for the blockade imposed by the so-called the coalition countries on Yemen, and the closure and blockade of its sea, land and air ports.

It is the one that supplies the coalition countries led by the Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the tools of killing and destruction, including weapons and ammunition, that are highly developed to kill the innocent Yemen people.

The United States of America also instructs the continuation of the aggression against Yemen and encourages countries to serve its interests in the Gulf region and also to serve the interests of the Zionist entity occupying the land of Palestine.

The world is watching what is going on in many states of America, including developing riots, protests with great interest. These events, demonstrations and protests have great impact of colonial policy of America, which claims to be the sponsor of human rights in the world, and, today, it stepping on these rights by the shoes of its police and army.

America's talk about human rights is no longer meaningful and credible, as it uses this term to achieve its own interests, humiliate systems, and adapt the rights on its own scope.

The United States of America puts the bitters as a bait on the hook for many countries, due to its reckless colonial policy, today it is time the United States tastes from the same cup that the countries drank.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota when white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while he was lying face down handcuffed on the street.

The killing of African American citizen George Floyd and his brutal detention by police officers in Minneapolis city represents a spark the American spring? The near future will reveal to everyone what the events in America, which escalate day after day, the future itself will answer this question. The protests of anger in more than thirty states in the America... are sure to know that ... Is the United States walks on the path of disintegration?


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