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Red Sea Ports Corporation condemns detention of ships

Red Sea Ports Corporation condemns detention of ships


HODEIDAH, Jan. 7 (Saba) - Yemen's Red Sea Ports Corporation condemned the continued by aggression coalition denial of oil derivatives and commercial vessels access to Hodeidah ports for more than two months despite receiving UN permits and fulfilling all inspection procedures.

The coalition of aggression is holding until Tuesday 15 ships, including eight oil ships carrying a load of 223 thousand and 192 tons of diesel and gasoline, and six commercial ships carrying about 80 thousand and 736 tons of flour, wheat, sugar and oil, in addition to a WFP container ship, the foundation confirmed in a statement received by Saba.

The statement condemned the failure to grant the States of aggression coalition leave the Lucky Trader and Tranc Ocean from the port of Hodeidah despite the unloading of their cargo and spent 10 days on the first ship and three days on the second.

The statement explained that the continued detention of ships is totally contrary to the Agreement of Sweden and to the practical steps presented by the national party in the committee for the redeployment of the ports of Hodeidah, which came in consideration of the humanitarian situation, and the commitment to facilitate the movement of civilians and goods to and from the city of Hodeidah and its ports.

The statement called on the United Nations and the international community to take an explicit stand against the aggression coalition preventing the entry of ships carrying food and relief to hodeidah ports and preventing their departure. He warned of the increasing risks of the consequences of the unjust detention of ships and their negative repercussions on all walks of life.

The Foundation held the United Nations, all international organizations and the international community fully responsible for the situation as a result of the unjust blockade, the detention of ships and the denial of access to the port of Hodeidah. It deplores the silence and disregard for the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression that targets the strength of their children and claims their lives.


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