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VP talks to Aden preachers

VP talks to Aden preachers


ADEN, Feb. 23 (Saba)- Vice President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi met on Wednesday with Aden mosque preachers and talked with them over the latest events which took place during the past period resulting in disorder and unlawful acts.

He listened to their viewpoints over these issues, acquainting them with the quick remedies taken of need to the community.

Hadi urged for collaborating of all efforts in all districts in Aden to get the city away from troubles coming into it from outside.

The Vice President reviewed the geographical importance of Aden, noting that the economic situation in Yemen is getting weaker. But there are counter solutions representing a characteristic leap in the community, he said.

Hadi called mosque preachers to coordinate with the local councils in the governorate over jobs to be made available for youth, emphasizing the importance of unifying their will as Aden is regarded a symbol for peace and national unity.



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