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Saudi prince underlines GCC's support for Yemen against al-Qaeda

Saudi prince underlines GCC's support for Yemen against al-Qaeda


ABU DHABI, Dec. 09 (Saba)- Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayif Bin-Abdul-Aziz, has said that all the GCC countries stand next to Yemen.

Regarding the growing role of al-Qaeda in Yemen and its danger to neighbouring countries, the Saudi Prince stressed that all the GCC countries, foremost of them Saudi Arabia, agree on standing with and supporting Yemen.

He added that "Yemen is a country that we care about and is dear to us, foremost of all President Ali Abdullah Saleh, his government, and the Yemeni people."

He prayed to God for the disappearance of all the evils that are harmful to the Yemeni people and said: "If something good befalls Yemen then we share in it and if something bad befalls it then we share in it too."

He underlined the support for Yemen and the joint cooperation in both cases and in all security, development, and other aspects.

Regarding the fund that the United States has approved for supporting the Yemeni treasury, Prince Nayif said his country would not fall behind in its financial support in the hope that the financial fund becomes a reality. But he pointed out at the same time the need for the concerned parties to organize this fund and said: "We hope that the fund will be achieved the concerned parties need to organize this matter."


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