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_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport

_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport


PROVINCES, June 10. (Saba) – Yemeni armed forces launched drone attacks targeted Saudi bunkers and stations in Jizan airport, while the army supported by popular forces carried out military attacks on Saudi-led mercenaries troops over the 24 past hours, a military official told Saba on Monday.

Several of Qasif-2K combat drones targeted drone bunkers and stations at the Jizan airport after the aggression conversion Jizan airport to a military base, the military official said.

In also Jizan, many of the mercenaries were killed and injured in an explosion targeted them during their infiltration attempt off Qais Mountain.

In Najran province, the army and popular forces foiled wide infiltration attempt on Saudi-paid mercenaries sites from three axes in al-Ajasher desert off al-Khadra'a crossing border, killing and injuring dozens and destroying a military vehicle.

In off al-Sudais, jizan, an infiltration attempt of the mercenaries was foiled killing and injuring dozens, while an attack targeted the mercenaries sites off Abwab al-Hadid, inflicting them material and human losses.

In Jawf province, the missile force launched missile Zilzal-1 on the mercenaries troops in al-Saqiah front inflicted killing and injuring in their ranks, as six of mercenaries were shot dead in the same battle front.

In also Jawf, the engineering unit operations destroyed three mercenaries' military vehicles in Astar front killing all its crew members in Khab wa ash Sha'af in Jawf, while an explosion targeted Saudi gathering in al-Mahashimah front.

In Dhale province, the army, supported by popular forces repelled a wide infiltration on Saudi-led mercenaries from several axes in Quatubah Dhale province, lasted for more eight hours, and destroyed two military vehicles carrying two rifles 14,5 and 23, while artillery shelling targeted the mercenaries troops, killing and injuring dozens.

In also Dhale, the missile force launched four missiles of Zilzal-1 on Saudi mercenaries' gatherings in al-Sadreen camp inflicted dozens of killing and injuring.

The artillery force of the army and popular forces targeted Saudi-led mercenaries' troops in Aqabat Mekeras and al-Zaher in Bayda province, causing direct casualties.

In Hajjah province, a Saudi soldier and four mercenaries were killed over an attack of the army on their sites east al-Nar Mountain and seized equipment, indicating that the aggression warplane failed, despite launching two airstrikes to stop the advance of the army and the popular committees.



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