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President meets head of Supreme Judiciary Council

President meets head of Supreme Judiciary Council


SANA'A, Feb. 20, (SABA) - President of the Supreme Political Council (SPC) Saleh al-Sammad received on Monday head of the Supreme Judiciary Council Abdul-Malik Al-Aghbari, Justice Minister Ahmed Aqabat, Attorney General AbdulAziz al-Baghdadi and Chief of the Supreme Court Essam al-Samawi.

The meeting dealt with the general conditions of courts and services provided to citizens in all provinces of the Republic, in addition to the problems that hamper the operations of the courts and prosecutors in the light of the Saudi-American aggression against Yemen.

The President heard a detailed explanation from the head of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary on what is being done by the Yemeni judges and cadres in the light of the ongoing aggression against the country.

The meeting discussed a set of ideas and perceptions aimed at strengthening the role of justice and improving its work in the present circumstances.



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