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Supreme Political Council discusses Ministry of Defense military plans

Supreme Political Council discusses Ministry of Defense military plans


SANA'A, Jan. 23 (Saba) – The Supreme Political Council, chaired by President of Council Saleh Al-Sammad, held a meeting on Monday.

The meeting, which joined military leaderships at Ministry of Defense and the General Staff , reviewed the latest military developments in the fronts and as well as the army and Popular committees heroic efforts in the field that foiled the aggression marching led by Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries, in various fronts, particularly in Thoubab and Nihm.

Defense Minister Major General Mohamed Al-Atifi and the Chief of Staff General Major Mohammed Al-Ghemari and Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Ali Almushaki briefed the Supreme Political Council on the military plans of Ministry and required military potentials to defeat the aggression forces and to free all the Yemeni soil from its occupation.

They have also reviewed the heroic operations of the army and Popular Committees in their defense against the largest military invade led by the aggression which gathered its paid-mercenaries from different parts of world.

The council confirmed its support to the leadership of Defense Ministry and the General Staff , pointing out it will respond to their needs to defend Yemen . It also highly praised and valued the firm and fixed role of the army, Popular Committees and the Yemeni people under the escalating massacres aggression and its repeated attempts to achieve such victory, since the beginning of the aggression on Yemen.

The meeting also discussed number of issues included in its agenda and took the appropriate decisions on them. The meeting was attended by the Vice President of the Council Qasim Labuza.



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