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President meets PM, Finance, Oil, Defense ministers

President meets PM, Finance, Oil, Defense ministers


SANAA, Jan. 1 (Saba ) - President of the Supreme Political Council convened a major meeting with Prime Minister Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor and ministers of Financial, Oil and Defense ministries.

The meeting took place late on Saturday.

During the meeting, Finance Minister Saleh Shaban briefed President al-Sammad with latest measures adopted by the ministry to overcome the financial difficulties and means to provide financial liquidity to the central bank.

Meanwhile, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Thiyab bin Maeli briefed the president with latest measures adopted by his ministry to develop mechanism that can led the ministry to overcome difficulties imposed by the aggression's all-out economic blockade.

For his part, Defense Minister, Mohammed Nasser al-Atafi briefed the president with military plans set by the defense ministry to defeat the enemy Saudi aggression and its attempted infiltrations and eventually achieving a major victory over the aggression coalition.

President al-Sammad directed the prime minister to facilitate all difficulties before the works and missions of the ministries, and to ensure the successful performance of the government's national duties in developing the security, defense, economic levels to overcome this difficult time.


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