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Vice President meets leaders of workers Unions

Vice President meets leaders of workers Unions


SANAA, Dec. 6 (Saba) – Vice President of the Supreme Political Council, Kasim Labouzah, met with leaders of workers' Union and chiefs of the state employees' unions .

The meeting took place on Monday, during which the vice president discusses the concerns, needs and demands of the unions.

The discussions also focused on the economic consequences that resulted from the ongoing US-backed Saudi brutal aggression, including the enemy targeting of the Yemen Central Bank and national resources that aim to starve the Yemeni people.

Vice president was briefed about the suffering of the workers and the state employees from the ongoing economic war by the US-backed Saudi barbaric aggression and all-out blockade.

The vice president stressed on the serious works being implemented by the National Salvation Government to resolve the problems of delaying salaries through a package of resolutions that began to yield positive outcomes.


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