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  US-Saudi Aggression
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Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
[Wed, 12 Jun 2024 10:59:06 +0300]

SANA'A June 12. 2024 (Saba) - US President Joe Biden and his fascist partner, Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Benjamin Netanyahu, continue the policy of stalling and maneuvering to gain time in order to prolong the aggression , commit more massacres, genocide , ethnic cleansing in Gaza Strip by proposing ceasefire deals and rejecting them when Hamas later agrees to them accusations of Hamas rejecting the deal and holding it responsible.

In this context, Biden acknowledged in an exclusive interview with the American Time magazine on Tuesday that Netanyahu may be delaying ending the war in Gaza Strip for political reasons.

Biden was asked in the interview whether he believes in the validity of the Zionist insinuations that indicate that Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his political interests, and he replied, “There are good reasons for people to reach this conclusion.”

The interview was conducted on May 28, a few days before Biden announced a detailed proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza, and its publication coincides with Netanyahu facing deep political divisions at home.

Biden - who is currently maneuvering regarding Gaza war that has been going on for more than eight months, saying that he wants to end it and who previously supported its continuation, and whose administration opposes any draft resolution in the UN Security Council for a permanent ceasefire by using the right of veto - defended the Zionist entity by saying that “it did not It can be confirmed that Zionist forces committed war crimes in Gaza.

Regarding the aggression against Gaza, Biden showed that there is a major disagreement with Netanyahu regarding what will happen after the end of Gaza war... stressing the necessity of moving to a two-state solution (Palestinian and Zionist).

The issue of the two-state solution that the Palestinian Authority has hoped for for decades is usually raised when the conflict intensifies in the occupied Palestinian territories, without these American proposals finding their way to this day.

Regarding the possibility of Zionist forces committing war crimes in Gaza, Biden claimed that it was not certain that this happened, and it was investigated by the Zionists themselves.

With these biased statements, Biden gave the green light for the Zionist entity to continue committing more massacres in the entire sector.

Later, during a failed “achievement” operation to liberate four Zionist prisoners, the Zionist enemy forces committed a heinous , unparalleled massacre and genocide, where nearly 1,000 people were martyred or injured.

According to the government media office in Gaza, the death toll from the Nuseirat massacre committed by the Zionist enemy forces in Nuseirat camp on Saturday rose to 274 martyrs and about 700 wounded, the majority of whom were children and women.

The office said in a statement: Among the martyrs were 64 children and 57 women... noting that the enemy army used two civilian cars to commit the Nuseirat massacre.

The number of casualties reached 698, including 153 children, 161 women, and 54 elderly people, and the rest were civilians who were present in the Nuseirat market , its surroundings and in neighboring houses.

He confirmed that the enemy soldiers who participated in the Nuseirat massacre disguised themselves as displaced persons, and that the enemy bombed 89 inhabited houses and residential buildings during the massacre.

Regarding the international arrest warrants issued by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, against Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Galant; For their responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza, Biden said, “We do not recognize the International Criminal Court,” and added, “One thing is certain, is that the Palestinians in Gaza are suffering greatly due to the lack of food, water, medicine, and many innocent people have been killed.”

As the Zionist aggression entered its 248th day, the death toll in Gaza Strip rose, according to Palestinian medical sources, to 37,084, and injuries to 84,494, since the start of the Zionist aggression on October 7th.

The Zionist enemy continues its aggression, ignoring a Security Council resolution demanding that it stop the fighting immediately, and orders from the Court of Justice demanding that it stop its attack on Rafah, and take immediate measures to prevent acts of genocide and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Partner Netanyahu and his gang continue to procrastinate, and evade regarding stopping the aggression on Gaza Strip.

After the US President launched a Zionist proposal regarding a ceasefire deal and the return of prisoners, Ofir Falk, Netanyahu’s assistant, came out speaking about the agreement proposed by US President Joe Biden, as “flawed” and in need of more of working on it.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times, Ofir Falk, Netanyahu's chief foreign policy advisor, said: Biden's proposal is not good and that "there are many details that need to be worked out," because the Zionist conditions, including the release of hostages and the elimination of Hamas, have not changed.

On Friday, Biden announced what he said was a three-stage plan to end the war, and said: The first stage, according to the proposed agreement, includes a truce and the return of some hostages who are still being held by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), after which the two sides will negotiate to stop the attacks for an indefinite period in the stage. The second in which the remaining hostages are released alive.

Biden praised several ceasefire proposals over the past few months, each of which carried a similar framework to the plan he announced on Friday, but none of those proposals succeeded.

The main point of contention was the usurping Zionist entity’s insistence on discussing a temporary cessation of fighting, to continue later until Hamas is eliminated.

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" adheres to its firm position regarding a permanent ceasefire, complete withdrawal from Gaza Strip, the return of displaced persons, lifting the siege, and reconstruction.

In his speech on Friday, Biden said: His latest proposal “prepares a better future in Gaza without Hamas in power,” without explaining how to achieve this, and he acknowledged that “there are a number of details that must be negotiated to move from the first stage to the second.”

The Zionist entity, which commits massacres and genocide on a daily basis in Gaza Strip, desires what it calls “absolute victory” in the Strip, but the usurping entity has no hope for that. On the contrary, it is far from being achieved in reality because the Palestinian resistance factions have imposed a strategy of victory on the ground, according to Monitors.


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