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  Revolution Leader
Revolutionary leader announces joint military operations of Yemeni armed forces, Iraqi resistance against Zionist Occupation
Revolutionary leader announces joint military operations of Yemeni armed forces, Iraqi resistance against Zionist Occupation
Revolutionary leader announces joint military operations of Yemeni armed forces, Iraqi resistance against Zionist Occupation
[Thu, 06 Jun 2024 18:50:48 +0300]

SANA'A, June 6. 2024 (Saba) - Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the leader of the revolution, disclosed on Thursday the commencement of joint military operations between the Yemeni armed forces and the Islamic resistance in Iraq. These operations, initiated at dawn Thursday, culminated in a significant maneuver towards the port of Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea.

In his address, focusing on the latest Zionist aggression in Gaza and regional developments, the revolutionary leader underscored the strategic significance of these joint endeavors. He hailed them as a bold escalation against the American-British-Zionist coalition.

Praising the Islamic resistance in Iraq, al-Houthi emphasized that these coordinated efforts exemplify the collaboration between Muslim brethren, united in their jihad for the sake of Allah. He predicted that the joint operations with the Iraqi resistance would profoundly impact the enemy, marking the fourth stage of escalation against the American-British-Zionist alliance.

Reiterating unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, the leader denounced attempts by the enemy to coerce or sow confusion among the Yemeni people. Despite relentless pressure across media, political, and economic fronts, he affirmed the steadfastness of Yemenis, rooted in their values, faith, and commitment to justice.

"Our people, guided by values, faith, and dignity, will not waver," he declared. "Our stance is inseparable from our religion, honor, and humanity. We are resolute in our conviction of divine victory."

Highlighting Yemen's continuous enhancement of military capabilities, he cited the "Palestine" missile as testament to this progress. Al-Houthi regarded the joint operations with the Iraqi resistance as a natural evolution and vowed to meet escalation with confidence, steadfastness, and trust in the divine.

Al-Houthi urged the Yemeni people to gather tomorrow, Friday, in designated squares across the capital Sana'a and other regions, as per established arrangements, to continue showing solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause.

He highlighted the recent activities of the Yemeni armed forces in the ongoing "promised conquest and holy jihad" campaign, part of the fourth stage of escalation. Eleven operations were conducted in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and towards Umm al-Rashrash in southern Occupied Palestinian territories, utilizing 36 ballistic missiles, drones, and winged aircraft.

Al-Houthi discussed the significant developments, including the launch of the "Palestine" missile system, tailored to meet the technical and range requirements of the fourth stage. He emphasized the impact of the "Palestine" missile on enemies, particularly its effectiveness against interception attempts involving multiple cooperating nations. This week's operations targeted eight ships associated with the United States, breaching the ban on entry to Occupied Palestinian ports.

Among the noteworthy operations was the targeting of the US aircraft carrier "Eisenhower" twice in the northern Red Sea within 24 hours, employing seven winged missiles and four drones.

"After being targeted twice, the Eisenhower aircraft carrier retreated towards the northern Red Sea out of fear of further attacks by our armed forces," he stated. "During the targeting, the Eisenhower was positioned 400 kilometers from Yemen's coast and later moved approximately 880 kilometers northwest of Jeddah."

Al-Houthi affirmed the success of the operation against the "Eisenhower," causing it to alter its route and suspend air traffic for two days. He noted that successful targeting prompts US warships to alter course, demonstrating the effectiveness of monitoring technologies.

Despite US attempts to deny the targeting of the "Eisenhower," al-Houthi interpreted such actions as indicative of their embarrassment and acknowledgment of defeat, tarnishing their prestige.

Revolution leader reveals launching joint operations of Yemeni armed forces and Iraqi resistance against Zionist enemy
SANA'A June 06. 2024 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi on Thursday revealed the launch of the Yemeni armed forces at dawn today for joint operations with the Islamic resistance in Iraq by carrying out an important operation towards the port of Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea.

The leader of the revolution, in a speech this afternoon on the latest developments of the Zionist aggression on Gaza and regional developments, considered the course of joint operations with the Islamic resistance in Iraq to be strategically important and escalating against the American-British-Zionist enemy.

He paid tribute to the Islamic resistance in Iraq, noting that the joint operations will provide a model for cooperation between the Sons of Islam and their joint operations within the framework of jihad for the sake of Allah.

He pointed out that the joint operations with the Iraqi resistance will have a great impact on the enemies within the framework of the fourth stage of escalation against the American-British-Zionist enemy.

The leader of the revolution reiterated that the Yemeni people are steadfast in their position of supporting the Palestinian people and their Just Cause despite the attempts of the enemies to pressure them to retreat or confuse, especially as they are working in various directions and at the media, political and economic levels, but things are clear and obvious, the aim of which is to pressure the Yemeni people to retreat from their honorable and great position.

"The Yemeni people with their values, faith in Allah, conscience, human conscience, values, morality, tribe, honor, freedom and paternity will not back down from their position, and we will stand firm on our position because it is fundamental and a close part of our religion, faith, dignity, freedom, humanity and we are confident in the victory of Allah Almighty,"he said.

He stressed that the Yemeni people are constantly developing their military capabilities, and the "Palestine" missile is a witness to this and the consequences of the joint operations between the Yemeni armed forces and the Islamic resistance in Iraq, is an evolutionary path and escalation, and we will meet escalation with escalation with confidence, steadfastness and trust in God.

He emphasized the American's determination to uphold its influence and prestige across the region, noting the impact of Yemeni armed forces operations on this influence. He underscored that the American aircraft carrier "Eisenhower" will remain a prime target for the Armed Forces whenever the opportunity arises.

The revolutionary leader reiterated that regardless of American attempts to deny targeting operations, the truth will inevitably come to light, and forthcoming strikes will be even more potent. He highlighted that during the month of Dhu al-Qa'da, a Hejri month,, Yemeni armed forces conducted 38 operations spanning the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and extending towards the Mediterranean Sea and southern Occupied Palestine, utilizing 91 ballistic missiles, drones, and winged aircraft.

"Today marks exactly the fifth month since the commencement of American and British aggression against our nation in support of the Zionist enemy and its crimes of genocide and blockade against the Palestinian people in Gaza," he declared.

He condemned the American and British efforts to safeguard Zionist interests at sea and enable the continuation of genocidal crimes, citing 17 raids and naval bombardments during the past week alone, resulting in 15 martyrs and 43 wounded.

Since the beginning of Rajab month, a Hejri month, until now, there have been 487 air and naval bombardments by the American and British forces on Yemen, resulting in 55 martyrs and 78 wounded in the "promised conquest and holy jihad" battle.

"The American and British aggression, despite its toll of martyrs and wounded, will never sway our steadfast, principled, religious, and moral stance towards Palestine," he affirmed.

We will never back down from our position in support of Gaza, no matter the size of the American and British escalation on our country militarily or conspiracies in other fields, including the economic field,"the leader of the revolution said.

Al-Houthi also stressed that the American aggression is also trying to exert extreme pressure through aggression on Yemen through pressure in the economic field, and not only to exert pressure on the United Nations to stop humanitarian assistance that was in the interest of the poor, hungry and miserable people of Yemen, as a result of the ongoing aggression on our country for years.

"The American is trying through its agents to exert more pressure on the living and economic situation on our dear Yemeni people, but no matter what the enemies' plots are, we, With God's help, will seek to counter them with our trust in God and our trust in God and our dependence on him,"he added.

"We have our options and positions, we have papers pressing on the enemies and we will finally do what we need to do,"he said.. He warned all those who the Americans are trying to implicate and recruit them to serve the Zionist enemy entity not to get involved in this.

"We advise and warn all those whom the Americans are trying to recruit to serve the Israeli enemy not to get involved in this, it is a great loss for any Arab regime and any party to involve itself in a very big problem to serve the Zionist enemy,"the leader of the revolution said.

"Any steps against our people will be considered aggression in order to serve the Zionist enemy and will be met with a reaction from our side, and we will not stand idly by and not shackled in front of targeting our people at the economic or military levels,"he added.

He went on to say, "the loser is the one who loses in the service and support of the Israeli enemy and in the support of the devil's Guardians," stressing that the Yemeni people are steadfast in their position because their starting point is faith in Allah Almighty and his promise of victory, especially since he touched from the beginning of his position the help of Allah and his support and the great effectiveness in the operations of the Armed Forces.

The leader of the revolution touched upon the obvious economic effects of the operations of the Yemeni armed forces on the Zionist, American and British enemy, adding, "Our position in supporting Gaza is a jihadist principle and we trust in Allah Almighty and rest assured of his sincere promise that does not change and does not lag behind".

He pointed out that the Yemeni people have the willingness to sacrifice and endure suffering no matter what in the framework of the position in support of Gaza, because it is an honorable position.. He pointed out that"our position in the victory of Gaza is a pride for our dear people and will be immortalized for future generations of its children, which is a great honor in front of the whole world".

"Our dear people, in their victory for Gaza, presented the high model of loyalty to Islam, as well as to humanity in its true sense," he said, pointing out that one of the great positions was when the Yemeni people marched last Friday after hours of the American and British aggression.

Al-Houthi commented on the popular pro-Gaza activities that exceeded 570 thousand between a demonstration, a pause, an evening and an event, stressing that the very large presence of the Yemeni people in support of Gaza expresses faith, awareness, a high sense of responsibility and a living human conscience.

He pointed out that the mobilization forces amounted to 352 thousand and 35 trainees, which is a very important path included in the preparation of the force to confront the enemies, while the activities of maneuvers, military marches and demonstrations amounted to one thousand and 885 activities, which is a very important and very active path.

Al-Houthi said that the aggressor Zionists are continuing their aggression and the war of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the 244th day in a row, indicating that this week the Zionist killing machine has killed nearly two thousand and 100 martyrs and wounded in Gaza, most of them women and children.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that in addition to what the Zionist enemy is committing in Gaza and the West Bank, it continues to target al-Qus at the level of settlement activity to occupy it, pointing out that yesterday Wednesday was the anniversary of the so-called setback, the day when the enemy entity occupied Al-Aqsa and the rest of the West Bank.

"On the day of the setback, the Zionist enemy declared war on four Arab countries, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, and within six days it took control of about 70 square kilometers of Arab land, an area equal to more than three times the area it occupied in 1948,"he said.

He reviewed the heinous massacres committed by the Zionist enemy in that aggression, in which thousands of Arabs were martyred, and the enemy displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their lands and nearly 100 thousand Syrians from the occupied Golan Heights.

Al-Houthi pointed out that the Arabs gathered after that setback in Sudan at the official level to declare what they called the "three no's", no reconciliation, no negotiation, no recognition, expressing regret that there is nothing left of those no's until now, even the Sudanese regime abandoned those no's.

"When we compare what happened then in six days and what is happening today over eight months in the Gaza Strip, we see that the enemy could not achieve any actual victory in the Strip, starting from the intifada in 1988 to the humiliating exit of the enemy from Lebanon in 2000 to the 2006 war, the sword of al-Quds and other battles, the enemy was forced to break and return humiliated,"he added.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi considered the setback of the 67th a real example of the enemy's ambitions in the Arab lands, which he did not retreat from only by force of arms and resistance, pointing out that the enemy himself does not want to settle at certain borders, nor barriers.

He deplored the continued American role as a partner in every Zionist crime against the Palestinian people, stressing that the Americans are trying not to have any voice inside the United States against the American policy that adopts, supports and participates in the Zionist position.

He said that the American, who was demonstrating in his addresses and slogans that he respects the judiciary, is deciding sanctions against the International Criminal Court and its officials and judges.

He stressed that the American is trying to confront any role that pressures the Zionist enemy or supports the Palestinian people at the legal, judicial, political, media or other levels, and continues to suppress the student movement and confront student activity in American universities that supports the Palestinian people.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the return of students at Columbia University to set up their tents this week has an important symbolism of continuity despite the oppression, explaining that the American launched an initiative to support the Zionist enemy on the political side, and made it in a way that serves the usurping enemy entity.

He said, "The American support initiative for the Zionist enemy is far from what any initiative should achieve objective and fair conditions. This initiative does not achieve an end to the aggression against Gaza, nor the withdrawal of the enemy entity from it, nor the introduction of aid into all parts of the Gaza Strip."

He stressed that the American initiative is far from making a complete and comprehensive exchange deal. Its goal is to provide cover and additional political support to the Israeli enemy in the face of American embarrassment and isolation before the rest of the world. He pointed out that the American initiative provides cover for the continuation of genocide crimes and the continuation of the siege, which is intensifying day after day.

He continued the fighters on all fronts of the fighting in the Gaza Strip continue their steadfastness and confrontation of the Israeli enemy with steadfastness and valor. Resistance operations in Gaza are continuing, qualitative and successful, and the Zionist enemy has suffered losses at all levels."

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stopped at the support fronts, starting with the Hezbollah front in southern Lebanon towards northern occupied Palestine, which is on the rise on both the quantitative and qualitative levels.

He stressed that the Lebanon Front is active and influential on the Zionist enemy and targets Zionist officers and soldiers, their military equipment, and the sites of occupied by the enemy in northern Palestine, which were widely affected by fires, with nearly fifty places where fires broke out, pointing out that the Zionist enemy now clearly and frankly acknowledges the extent of the effectiveness and impact of Hezbollah’s operations.

The leader of the revolution reviewed the effectiveness of the Islamic Resistance Front in Iraq, which announced the implementation of several operations during the current week, including those towards the Palestinian Umm al-Rashrash, and others towards the coast of the Dead Sea and Haifa.


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